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The Nightingale is published three times per year by the Mount Carmel College of Nursing Office of College Relations as a service to family and friends of MCCN students.  We welcome your comments and suggestions at 614-234-1372 or





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Dear Friends, anne schiele 2

Spring is an exciting and eventful time here at Mount Carmel College of Nursing. We eagerly anticipate Pinning and Commencement ceremonies in May, the culmination and recognition of our graduating students' achievements. Please consult the MCCN website at www.mccn.edu for details.


As we wind down this academic year, I want thank parents and families of our graduating students for the steadfast support of your students and the College during this incredible journey. And to our returning families, I look forward to our continued collaboration.


Ann E. Schiele, sig
Ann E. Schiele, PhD, RN
Mount Carmel College of Nursing


Commencement Weekend 2011 is May 6 & 7!


Family and friends of the class of 2011, get ready to celebrate! Undergraduate Pinning and Recognition Ceremony will be held on Friday, May 6, at 7 p.m. Commencement will be Saturday, May 7, at 1 p.m.  


Graduation requirements and Commencement Weekend details at http://www.mccn.edu/news-events/commencement-weekend.html 

Symbolism of Pinning and the Nursing Pin

By Barbara Barta, PhD, RN

Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Nursing Program



The graduate nursing pin is a symbol of education and of service to others. Historically the design of nursing pins comes from the Maltese cross worn by members of the Knights of the Hospitallers during the Crusades. In 1860, Florence Nightingale began the first professional, formal schooling for nurses and wanted graduates to be recognized and respected. Nightingale designed a pin for graduates to wear on their uniforms.


The first pins presented in the United States were to the graduating class of 1880 at the Bellevue Hospital of Nursing in New York City. By 1916, the practice of pinning new nurses was common throughout the United Kingdom and North America.


The tradition continues today as each nursing educational institution awards to its graduates a uniquely designed pin symbolizing completion of the program. Faculty bestow the pin upon graduates in a time-honored ceremony that heralds entry of new graduates as colleagues into the profession of nursing.


Traditionally, at the time of the pinning ceremony, the graduate leaves behind the student pin and uniform, donning a professional uniform in anticipation of receiving the prized symbol of a graduated nurse.

The Mount Carmel Nursing Pin

Three Pin Styles Span a Century of Nursing Education





While the pride and professionalism the Mount Carmel pin symbolizes have not changed, the style has. From the first graduation and pinning in 1906 through 1962, the Mount Carmel School of Nursing pin held a red cross in the center.


In 1963, the second Mount Carmel School of Nursing pin was adopted, due in part to a desire that the pin reflect the school's founders-the Sisters of the Holy Cross.  It carries the Holy Cross insignia, a shield with a cross and two anchors, and the motto of the Holy Cross order, "Spes Unica" (One Hope). 


The current pin, presented in 1994, reflects the change to "Mount Carmel College of Nursing." A band in burgundy, the College's color, replaced the blue band. The rest of the pin remained the same.



MCCN-FMC is planning a mission trip to the Dominican Republic during the summer break.  The majority of the work will be teaching and conducting immunization clinics. Several students plan to volunteer and will be accompanied by FMC faculty volunteers.


MCCN is fortunate to have a very active Student Nurses Association (SNAM). 2011-2012 SNAM elections will take place at the March 28 meeting. These positions are available: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, BTN Director, Membership Director, and Community Health Director.  


SNAP Photo 3 

Three SNAM Members Serve ONSA


SNAM President Kayla Munk was elected in the fall as ONSA President, after previously serving as ONSA Membership Director.  As president, she presides at all meetings of the Ohio Nursing Students' Association (ONSA), the Board of Directors, and the Executive committee. Another aspect of her responsibility is maintaining contact with the deans and directors of Ohio nursing programs. Munk represents ONSA in matters relating to the association.


Stephanie Binkley was appointed to the ONSA Board of Directors as Membership Director.


Shivani Patel was selected as a committee member for the ONSA Breakthrough to Nursing Committee.


Congratulations to these three students for their statewide leadership roles! 


Students Honored with GEM (Going the Extra Mile) Notes


Recently, three of our students were awarded GEM notes from the Mount Carmel Health System for "going the extra mile" during their clinical experience or while volunteering at the hospital. GEM notes are given to any of the staff in the Mount Carmel System, as a way to recognize excellent care and support provided to patients, families and each other-going that extra mile.

GEM Photo 2

Freshman Matt LaFollette volunteered for a special drill at Mount Carmel West (MCW). "I was really happy that I was able to participate in a safety drill that will make the hospital better," said LaFollette. "It feels great that someone took the time to thank me." 

Junior Sarah Roethele made a difference to one of her clinical patients at MCW with special attention. Roethele was surprised when the patient later presented her with a GEM note. "She actually gave it to me in front of my clinical instructor, which was very nice.  I feel very honored to have this recognition from her," said Roethele.

Junior Ashley Weaver was complimented on her patient care during clinicals at MCW. Weaver's GEM note came from the unit director after one of Weaver's patients gave the unit director a list of wonderful compliments about her. The note thanked Weaver for doing an awesome job.

Congratulations to our students who are already demonstrating excellence in compassion and nursing care!

MCCN Launches New Online Nursing Program

MCCN will offer an Online RN-BSN Completion Program beginning this summer. This flexible program is designed for licensed RNs who want to pursue their Bachelor of Science in Nursing degrees.  For more information contact Online Dean, Tara Spalla, at tspalla@mccn.edu.  


Supporting MCCN



Motivation for Student's Inspiration

Like many stories that lead to nursing careers, senior Joshua Aronovsky's began with a family health crisis. His mother lost a yearlong battle with brain cancer in August 2007. Her care included multiple craniotomies and three months of chemotherapy and radiation.

In addition to his mother's strength and courage, Aronovsky found inspiration in the nurses who played a critical and personal role in her care.

"They were not only caring, but also empathetic," he recalled, "which provided a great deal of consolation to me and my family."

During that time he made the decision to return to school with a new goal: a degree in nursing. Three years later, thanks to donations to the College of Nursing through the Mount Carmel Foundation, he is mere months away from reaching that goal.

Through his commitment to academics and service, Aronovsky earned three scholarships: the Josephine Walters Care Star Scholarship, the Robert G. & Katherine R. Schwemley Foundation Scholarship and the Trinity Health Scholarship. Add them to his student loans and his work as a patient care assistant in the Neuro Intensive Care Unit at Mount Carmel West, and he will be able to complete his degree this spring without any additional out-of-pocket costs.

"I'm extremely thankful to all the donors who continue to make high-quality nursing education available to students like me," he added. "In a way, they're honoring my mother and her caregivers, too, and that makes it even more special."

If you have already made a gift this school year, thank you for helping hundreds of bright minds enjoy an incredible college experience. If you would like to make a gift to Mount Carmel College of Nursing, click here to help someone's dream come true.

Jan Burkey
Director of Development, MCCN



Students are invited to create an account and submit papers to Grammarly@edu for review. This is a writing support service provided free to MCCN students, compliments of the College.

Ireland Trip

An exciting opportunity for travel and learning is coming up for a group of students, accompanied by Mount Carmel alumni, who will travel to Ireland this May. They will experience nursing in a typical hospital in Ireland, learn about government healthcare programs, nursing in a homeless shelter, and public health nursing.The group will visit Our Lady's Children's Hospital's burn unit and University College of Dublin School of Nursing, learning about Irish nursing education and clinical experiences and medical research.


From the Student Health Nurse

For the safety of all, every student who lives in the on-campus apartments was trained how to use the new Automated External Defibrillators (AED) devices located in each building.  I felt it was important to show each and every one of them how to use the device-praying all the time that they will never have to use it!

Also, I placed Sani-Wipes in every classroom for students to wipe off their desks before and/or after class to try to keep the "flu bug" (and any other "bugs") at bay. This past fall, more students than in previous years opted to receive the flu shot we provide as a service each flu season to every member of our College community.

We hope you and your student have been enjoying your issues of Student Health 101, provided compliments of MCCN. The February and March issues included features addressing several timely topics: Healthy, Budget-Minded Recipes; Self-Esteem; The Perfect Paper; Spirituality on Campus; Students in Action; The Importance of Sleep; Healthy Relationships; Easting Disorders; Safety on Spring Break; Job Search Strategies; and Diversity.

Happy Spring!

Kathy Walters, MS, RNC, NNP-BC
Student Health Nurse

From the Financial Aid Office

Education is one of the greatest opportunities afforded our students, and one of your and your student's greatest investments.  Financial aid provides assistance in obtaining your student's dream of becoming a bachelor's prepared nurse.  
Mount Carmel College of Nursing is committed to providing the appropriate federal and state funding available to each student.  This funding is based upon the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). 

Each year a FAFSA must be completed in order to process an award letter.  The award letter provides the cost of attendance (i.e., tuition and fees, books and supplies, housing, meals, transportation, etc).  Each student must be provided the overall cost for attending MCCN.  This is the basis of the budget for the academic year in which the student will be enrolled.  I am often asked, "Do I have to pay the school for the meals, transportation, books, etc.?"  The answer is "No." 

The tuition and fees, and housing if your student lives in the campus apartments, require payments to the school.  Financial aid is available for both tuition and housing. To ensure timely receipt of the funds, it is important that the FAFSA is completed within the designated time frame.  

There are instances in which the amount of the tuition and fees will not be covered by the financial aid awarded.  The Federal PLUS (Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students) has been provided for parents to secure the additional monies needed for their student's education. 

The application process is simple and can be completed by going to StudentLoans.gov or to www.mccn.edu, financial aid, links, StudentLoans.gov.  When you have completed the application, you will be notified of the outcome. 

If you are denied the PLUS loan, provide the school with a copy of your denial and your student will become eligible to receive additional Unsubsidized Stafford Loan monies.  This is not an automatic process.  The financial aid office must be notified of the denial. 

Lastly, there are instances in which there is a desire to secure a private loan.  Please feel free to use any lender of your choosing.  We have provided a list of lenders that our students have had success with in the past.  Please note that most students will need a co-signer and that this loan is based on credit-worthiness.

How can I find out information about my or my student's account?

CARMELink is your first step.  Many questions regarding financial aid and billing can be addressed by CARMELink.  To gain access to CARMELink go to www.mccn.edu, current student, and select CARMELink.  Input the correct log-in information and select the department from which you desire information.

How can I keep up with my loan information?

NSLDS.ed.gov is the official website that houses all of your federal loan information.  Visit it frequently to keep up with the amount of loan debt you are incurring.  It will also show your interest accumulation from the time of the loan to the current time.

There will always be specific questions that need to be addressed.  Please feel free to contact LaTosha Brown at 614-234-1842 or send an e-mail to mccnfinancialaid@mchs.com.  We are here to help you and your family during your time at MCCN.


Alyncia M. Bowen, PhD, MSA
Director, Financial Aid

News from the Office of Student Life
The freshman, sophomore, and junior classes have the opportunity this spring to obtain information about their next year of nursing education. Class meetings are planned for each level, featuring speakers and question and answer sessions. 

Colleen S. Cipriani
Director of Student Life

MCCN Spirit Shop

Support Your Student's College Spirit!

spirit shop

The Mount Carmel College of Nursing Online Campus Store is your convenient, one-stop resource for College apparel, supplies, and gifts. With just one click of the mouse you can  purchase logo hoodies, t-shirts, caps, sweaters and more for students, family, friends and alumni. Click here to start shopping.

  • The MCCN Online Campus Store can also be accessed through the commercial MCCN website under the "Current Students" header.  
  • For those who want to do on-site shopping, please stop by the campus store located on the 4th floor in Marian Hall across from the Student Services office. 
A Girl's Life

A Girl's Life
Mount Carmel College of Nursing will host A Girl's Life on Thursday, April 28, at Mount Carmel East.  The program is designed for girls and their moms---or favorite grown-ups---to explore issues related to puberty and adolescence.  Growth and development professor and registered nurse, Dr. Angie Phillips Lowe, provides head to-toe advice to promote healthy dialogue and understanding.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

6 p.m.

Mount Carmel East Siegel Center Auditorium

Each girl will receive a tote bag and a copy of The Care and Keeping of You: The Body Book for Girls, from the American Girl Library.
Call 614.234.LIFE to register. Seating is limited. $25 per girl

For registration details, click http://www.mccn.edu/news-events/a-girls-life.html


Calendar Highlights Spring 2011


March 31Deadline for ordering graduation cap & gown
April 6Sophomore class meeting
April 11Talent Show
April 18Junior class meeting
Spring Wellness Festival
April 20STTI Spring Scholarship Evening
April 22Good Friday (holiday)
May 2-6Final exams
May 5Graduation Celebration Luncheon
May 6Pinning and Recognition Ceremony, 7 p.m.,
First Church of God
May 7Commencement, 1 p.m., First Church of God

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