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The Nightingale is published three times per year by the Mount Carmel College of Nursing Office of College Relations as a service to family and friends of MCCN students.  We welcome your comments and suggestions at 614-234-1372 or
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Dear Friends, Ann Schiele

As we welcome your student to the Mount Carmel College of Nursing community, we also welcome you. It is our privilege to partner with you, our students' families and friends in ensuring that your student's dream of a dynamic and rewarding nursing career is fulfilled.
Here at MCCN, your student is our top priority. Everything we do is for our students, whether maintaining and enhancing the quality of programs and activities, searching for scholarship monies, introducing innovative nursing education, or retaining the most qualified and dedicated faculty and staff.
This e-newsletter is designed to inform you about College activities and innovations, as well as direct you to resources for additional information. We look forward to another successful academic year.
Ann E. Schiele, sig
Ann E. Schiele, PhD, RN
Mount Carmel College of Nursing

Record Enrollment for 2009-10 Academic Year

freshman class Again this year, MCCN began fall semester with a record number of students.  More than 800 students fill our halls, labs, and classrooms with their enthusiasm and desire to achieve an exciting career in healthcare. Mount Carmel College of Nursing continues to be one of the largest baccalaureate nursing programs in the state.
Nearly 100 students live in our recently constructed, apartment-style, on-campus housing. Each suite-style living space accommodates four students. Among other amenities, each fully furnished unit offers two bedrooms, two private baths, kitchen, and washer/dryer.
There are a few spots available in our residence halls.  Contact Colleen Cipriani, Director of Student Life, at 614-234-5828 or

For more information on campus living, click here.
Convocation Celebrates Student Accomplishments

Mount Carmel's traditional kick-off to the academic year, Convocation, was held on August 24.  New Albany Church of the Resurrection was the backdrop for an inspiring beginning and a salute to academic achievement.
There were 131 scholarships, totaling $276,250, awarded to 90 students (some receiving more than one award). New this year were seven scholarships funded by the recently established MCCN Board of Trustees Scholarship Fund. Every trustee donated a minimum of $1,000.

Congratulations to the scholarship recipients and many thanks to the donors who help make excellence in nursing education possible for so many MCCN students. For photos of Convocation, please click here.
For information about scholarship opportunities, contact Alyncia Bowen, Director of Financial Aid, at 614-234-5177 or

New Technology to Improve MCCN Experience

 Tim/MatthewAn exciting improvement at MCCN this fall is the first step in the launch of the new Jenzabar EX system-software designed to assist higher education institutions with the management of student and instructional data. The new Student Portal, CARMELink, will be an all-encompassing source of data for candidates for admission, students, and alumni.
Once the system is fully operational, students will register online for classes, obtain unofficial transcripts, print grades, run a degree audit, and access their email. They can also access their financial aid award, see their tuition balance, and pay their bill online. Students officially registered in a course will be able to view the syllabus, submit assignments, participate in group discussions, and communicate with the faculty and other classmates also enrolled in that course.

Flu Prevention Action Plan

Mount Carmel College of Nursing has taken several proactive steps to protect our campus community:

  • The administration of free seasonal flu vaccine (begun in September) and free H1N1 vaccine (now underway)
  • The placement of hand sanitizers and antiseptic surface wipes (to wipe down desks and other surfaces) in classrooms and throughout the campus
  • The ordering of cleanable keyboard covers for the computer labs and the residence halls that can be wiped with antiseptic wipes between uses
  • Promoting education regarding flu prevention
  • Encouraging those who have symptoms to stay home from classes, clinicals, and College activities for at least 7 days or 24 hours fever-free (without the use of fever-reducing medication)
  • Supplying all resident students with a "flu preparedness packet" containing soup, juice, Tylenol, Kleenex, etc. and advising them to stock up on such items just in case
For more information about flu preparedness at MCCN, click on "From the Student Health Nurse" in the above table of contents.

Mount Carmel Health Sciences Library:
A State-of-the-Art Resource for Students

In the Center for Learning Education (CLE) is the Mount Carmel Health Sciences Library (MCHSL), providing instant access to an extensive collection of nursing, educational, and medical databases that can be accessed from anywhere on campus or from the convenience of the student's home. Students use the library's online catalog to search for books and journals, or OhioLINK to request books from 87 Ohio libraries.
Constantly innovative, responsive, and committed to student success, the MCHSL conducts workshops for students, provides professional reference staff assistance and computers for student use in the library, and installed soundproof study stalls.
For more information, visit the Mount Carmel Health Sciences Library.

All Students Welcome to Join SNAM

The Student Nurses Association of Mount Carmel (SNAM) is the MCCN chapter for the Ohio Nursing Students Association (ONSA) and the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA).
The NSNA is the largest student professional association in the country and is specifically for nursing students.  Participation in SNAM offers leadership opportunities, connections with others in the nursing profession, and involvement with issues facing nurses today. SNAM meets monthly at noon on the fourth Monday.

For more information click here.

Individualized Academic Support

MCCN provides many services to assist academic success. Some instructors conduct review sessions; others offer individual appointments or an open door policy for answering questions.
There are support programs for first year students, for minority students, and for first generation (first in the family to attend college) students.  The College also employs a full-time Student Development Specialist and Coordinator for Academic Success Services, Cheryl Mace MSN, MALM, RN. Mace conducts several learning enhancement sessions for students, from success seminars and leadership forums to writing instruction, as well as providing individual help.

What happens when a student asks for help?

The first step is an assessment of reading comprehension and learning needs, style and personality.  An individualized plan is devised.  Students learn effective note-taking, improved study skills, and test-taking strategies. Some students join a weekly study club or are assigned a tutor.  
"Small changes can make a big difference," says Mace, who cites the importance of freshmen building a strong scientific foundation and sophomores a strong nursing foundation, in order to build a successful critical thinking nurse."This is a growth and maturation process, with repetition and practice to develop students' learning potential."
Top ten ways to know if your student needs help:

10.    Lack of confidence in mastery of the information
9.      Insomnia from worrying about classes, tests
         or assignments
8.      Poor study habits
7.      Over- or under-eating
6.      Increased feelings of stress or feeling overwhelmed
5.      Poor performance on exams
4.      Trouble focusing on studying the material and when
         taking exams
3.      Using cramming as a study tool (It won't work.)
2.      Test anxiety
1.      Trouble writing research papers, essay answers, etc.

For more information about academic support at MCCN, contact Cheryl Mace, Coordinator Academic Success Services/Student Development Specialist, at 614-234-2646 or

Security Initiatives Enhance Safety on Campus

After extensive study under the leadership of Dr. Ann Schiele, President/Dean; Colleen Cipriani, Director of Student Life; Robin Hutchinson Bell, Director of College Relations; and Mike Angeline, Director of Safety and Security for Mount Carmel Health, several initiatives continue to enhance the security of the Mount Carmel campus.
On Campus Safety Enhancements
Mount Carmel Safety and Security conducted a comprehensive security site survey of the MCCN campus and implemented changes, such as increased lighting, removal of obstructions and landscaping threatening security, installation of new call boxes by garages and residence halls, changes in door hardware, and more. Two Segway® vehicles increase visibility and timely access for security personnel, as well as a security bike patrol during daylight hours and an additional patrol car.
The MCCN Communication Alert System

MCCN is committed to informing the college community during a crisis, weather or facilities-related cancellation or delay, disaster, or traumatic event. Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to sign up for the MCCN Commmunications Alert System which notifies during these situations. This is a text-only alert system where messages are sent to cell phones, pagers, personal computers, or other electronic message devices. 
The implementation of the College's Communications Alert System needs every student to provide the critical factor - contact information. In order to be contacted, students must register for the alert system by using an on-site MCCN computer. Any questions, please contact Robin Hutchinson Bell at 614-234-1372 or
Safety on Campus

What Students Can Do Now:
  • Self-register for the MCCN Communications Alert System, by using a Mount Carmel computer. Click on and following the prompts.
  • Wear your ID badge at all times on campus and at Mount Carmel Health locations, and report those not wearing a badge to Safety and Security.
  • Be aware of your environment and report anything suspicious to Safety and Security.
  • Walk in groups whenever possible, especially after dark.
  • Call for a Safety and Security escort, 614-234-5283, if walking alone at night.
  • Take note of the location of the blue emergency call boxes.
  • Enter the Safety and Security emergency number, 614-234-5333, into the speed-dial on your cell phone. Students can reach security directly with that number or by dialing 3 on any College phone.
MCCN Active Shooter Drill Update
The MCCN Active Shooter Drill will now be held in 2010, not in October 2009 as earlier discussed. The additional time will allow for further assessment studies and for faculty, staff and students to complete active shooter in-services. The date of the drill, which will be conducted with Columbus police and fire, will be determined at a later date and will be communicated well in advance.  

Financial Aid Updates

Obtaining a college education can be both exciting and stressful.  As parents and students you are introduced to funny acronyms such as FAFSA and PLUS and expected to know what they mean and how they affect you.  You are also introduced to new processes that seem cumbersome and downright confusing.  And then after you think you have mastered the process, it changes and once again you feel hopeless and helpless.  The financial aid office at MCCN is committed to helping parents and students navigate through all of the red tape.  We are also committed to keeping you aware of changes that may impact your students. 
There are many options when determining how to fund a college education.  We are here to present the options that are applicable to you.  We are also here to provide basic financial information regarding loans and debt management, how to apply for scholarships and much more.
Feel free to schedule an appointment with either Shavonna Carroll, Finance Clerk, Financial Aid, or Alyncia M. Bowen, Ph.D(c), MSA, Director, Financial Aid at 614-234-5177, or

Billing News

Mount Carmel College of Nursing provides excellent educational opportunities for students interested in a career in nursing. An education is an investment in the future and will pay for itself many times over. The College is committed to working collaboratively with students and families to make this education affordable. The financial obligation is the same for every student. Financial aid, payment plans, and other resources are available for eligible students and the professional staff in the Business Office is here to help.
If a student account has a balance 60 days after the start of a semester, the account will be placed on "HOLD" unless satisfactory payment arrangements had been made with the Business Office. A student will not be able to register for classes or receive grade reports until the hold has been released.
The Business Office staff is here to help and communication is key. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact Kathy Smith at (614) 234-2230 or email address
Greetings from the Student Life Office

Whether this is your student's first fall semester as a freshman or transfer student or the last as a senior already anticipating May graduation, I heartily encourage involvement in campus life.  No college education is truly complete without the experiences and memories that come from participating in co-curricular campus activities and events.
As holistic development is an underlying theme of a Mount Carmel College of Nursing education, our co-curricular activities are designed to complement students' personal growth and development outside the classroom.  Additionally, the co-curricular activity summary (CCAS) can be used in conjunction with a student's academic transcript to give a complete picture of an MCCN graduate. 
As an additional benefit for MCCN students, the Student Life Office has a limited number of YWCA and COSI membership passes for students to use according to their schedules.  YWCA and COSI passes are available for sign-out at the Front Desk of Marian Hall.

Colleen S. Cipriani, Director of Student Life; 614-234-5828;
From the Student Health Nurse

Flu season is here and H1N1, as well as the seasonal flu, is a concern. H1N1 flu and seasonal flu are caused by different viruses and require protection from two separate vaccines. The College's plan of action is to keep our campus as healthy as possible this fall and winter.
Free seasonal flu vaccines were administered at MCCN beginning in late September, and everyone who wanted the vaccine received it. The vaccine to protect the College community against H1N1 flu---the nasal mist---is now available in limited supply at MCCN. MCCN, along with other local colleges of nursing in Columbus, received the H1N1 nasal mist vaccine this week. 
Mount Carmel College of Nursing is fortunate to have received these doses of the H1N1 vaccine, since it is in short supply, as you may have heard or read in the media.  The injectable vaccine, which is also in limited supply, is not available at the College at this time.  Pregnant students or students with chronic illness, such as lung diseases, diabetes, etc., should not receive the nasal mist and should go to a designated community clinic to receive the injectable vaccine.
All seniors and SDAP students are required to receive both the seasonal and the H1N1 flu vaccines.  These MCCN students will be the first to receive the H1N1 vaccines, because of their participation in clinical classes at hospitals, such as Nationwide Children's Hospital, where H1N1 vaccination will be mandatory.  As more of the H1N1 vaccine becomes available, more MCCN students will be eligible to receive it. Updates on the availability of the vaccine will be communicated to your student.
Please remind your student that prevention is key, with frequent hand washing at the top of the list of preventive measures. Maintain good general health through adequate sleep, exercise, and nutrition.  Use the hand sanitizers and antiseptic surface wipes placed throughout the College.
We request that students stay home from class and/or clinical if they have flu-like symptoms such as fever, runny nose, sore throat, cough, body aches, headache, chills and fatigue. Some people may also experience vomiting and diarrhea.
Students who need to miss class due to H1N1 or seasonal flu are advised to contact their instructors and will not be penalized for missing class. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors need to stay home for 7 days, even if feeling better.  Freshmen may return to class after 24 hours free of fever without the use of fever reducing medications.

Flu is flu, regardless of the "type."  If students have flu-like symptoms, they probably will want to make an appointment with a primary care physician or go to an Urgent Care facility to see if they recommend a course of Tamiflu or similar drug. 
Kathy Walters, MS, RNC, NNP-BC, Assistant Professor / Student Health Nurse; 614-234-5408;

Student Government Association (SGA) News 

Mount Carmel SGA builds students' leadership and communication skills. Participation in SGA is an impressive addition to MCCN graduates' resumes.  SGA holds monthly meetings and one or two class meetings every semester.
This fall, seven SGA officers and representatives will attend a National SGA Leadership Conference in Washington, DC, for training and development. 
Through fundraising and networking with the Mount Carmel Alumni Association, SGA was able to implement several initiatives this past year:

1. Senior Class Dinner
2. Donation to Kathy Curtis Memorial Fund
3. Cleaning and updates to Rec Room Kitchen
4. Spirit Week
This year SGA is working with the task force director from the Columbus Coalition against Family Violence to bring the It's Abuse Campaign to MCCN. The campaign is a resource for college students to learn about the issue, find help or help for a friend.
Planning is also underway to send some SGA officers and representatives to the National SGA Conference in Chicago in October.
Colleen Cipriani, SGA Liaison, Director of Student Life
From the Counselor's Desk

Off go the "kids" - out the door to learn the art of nursing (and maybe even live on their own).  College is a change for students, and for family and friends.  For the new nursing students, this is the next step in personal growth and independence.  It may be harder for others, such as parents, to adjust. That childhood safety net is gone, and this can be scary.  We may imagine bad possibilities - what might happen to them or what they might foolishly do.  We can feel traumatized by these imaginings.  But it doesn't have to be that way. 
Here is a question worried parents (or concerned friends) might ask themselves to more effectively cope with this life change: What did our student do to be among the candidates accepted to the nursing program?  A likely answer might be:  Nursing program admissions are very competitive.  Admission means that students have displayed the ability to set personal goals and follow through to achieve them. Think about their personal strengths and how - okay, maybe with a little extra guidance from you - they might use those strengths to be successful academically, socially, and emotionally as young adults in (and after) college. 
This is a chance to celebrate their successful management of past challenges; how they used those experiences to make better choices for themselves; and their choosing to care enough about others to work toward becoming a nurse!  It is a chance to celebrate their entrance to responsible young adulthood and how you helped and enabled them to be the persons they are today - students of nursing!

Judy Bischoff, LPCC, Clinician/Consultant; 614-546-3322;
Chaplain's Corner

So your child wants to be a nurse, eh?  Chip off the ol' block?  Or the last thing you would ever have imagined?  Mount Carmel College of Nursing (MCCN) is full of amazing students who fit both of those descriptions:  young women and men who come from veritable dynasties of healthcare professionals - grandma was a nurse - mom's a doctor - dad drives an ambulance: of course she's going to be a nurse. At the other end of the spectrum: he seemed to go through life oblivious of anyone around him and out of nowhere announces that he wants to be a nurse!
To all of your children, likely or unlikely candidates for the esteemed title of Registered Nurse, we offer a warm welcome to this academic year at MCCN.  We've been at this nursing education business for a long time (since 1903), and what we do as we educate, mentor, challenge, support and challenge  more your daughters and sons - we do with passion.  And the passion we have comes from a deep place in our individual and corporate souls.  It comes from the belief that nursing is a lot more than a job or a career. 
We believe that nursing is a calling, a vocation!  When God took on human form in the person of Jesus of Nazareth (Christians believe), God could have been or done anything.  God could have chosen to be a ruler or potentate, a political leader, a military wielder of power.  Instead, Christians believe God became Jesus and Jesus healed sick people.   It's that deep. Our conviction that we are preparing people who will do not only what Jesus would want but what Jesus actually did.  Gives me goose-bumps.  So, dear parents, grandparents, spouses, children and friends of our students: please ask your student questions, marvel at how wise they become.  Challenge them to give their best, to study hard, and help each other.  And pray for them.  They won't disappoint!

Pete McClernon, College Chaplain; 614-234-1590;
Supporting MCCN

As part of the Mount Carmel College of Nursing Annual Campaign, the Parents Fund supports a wide range of activities throughout the College. These gifts enable Mount Carmel College of Nursing to respond to areas of greatest need and provide the best nursing education possible.
Your investment in the Parents Fund:
  • Supplements the difference between tuition revenue and the true cost of a Mount Carmel College of Nursing education.
  • Contributes to scholarship funding.
  • Supplies the resources to keep pace with rapidly changing technology.
  • Enhances student life activities.
  • Makes a difference: one student, educated at Mount Carmel College of Nursing, can positively affect the world!
Jan Burkey, Director of Development, MCCN

Charles, Susan Hickey  "Parents' contributions assist their daughters and sons here, now, and into the future. With your help, Mount Carmel students will continue to be well prepared to deliver critical care at a critical time in an evolving healthcare environment. Every gift to the Parents Fund counts and is deeply appreciated."
 Dr. Charles and Susan Hickey,        Chairs of the Parents Fund

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Calendar Highlights Fall 2009
November 26-27              Thanksgiving (holiday)
December 11                  Term 2 and semester classes end
December 14-18              Final exams
January 4, 2010               Spring semester begins
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