Mount Carmel Center for Innovative Learning

They say practice makes perfect. At the Mount Carmel Center for Innovative Learning, we're practicing real-life medical situations every day to perfect patient care and improve outcomes.

The center is a dynamic, system-wide training center with a diversity of high-fidelity human patient simulators and clinical education resources that's available to all our physicians, nurses, colleagues, students and community partners.

Located on the Mount Carmel West campus, state-of-the-art, 11,000-square-foot Center is a collaboration among the Mount Carmel College of Nursing, Mount Carmel Medical Education and the Mount Carmel Medical Staff that allows members of our healthcare delivery teams to:

  • Work and train together
  • Develop new skills and processes
  • Identify problems
  • Implement patient-focused team treatment
  • Enhance quality care
  • Improve patient outcomes

Driven By Technology

The centerpieces of the Center for Innovative Learning are the computer-driven, high-fidelity human patient simulators, which are life-like adult and pediatric mannequins that breathe, blink and bleed. They have precise internal mechanics and respond physiologically to user interventions, allowing both our students and medical professionals to see, practice and react to real-life patient situations without the risk of consequences.

The Center also features a unique laparoscopic surgical simulator that allows users to experience a range of laparoscopic procedures. It replicates seven different laparoscopic surgeries and over 60 patient scenarios, including general surgery, gynecology, urology, bariatric surgery and colon and rectal surgery.

It also includes a top-of-the-line endoscopic simulator for upper and lower gastrointestinal procedure training, as well as task trainings for practicing an array of different medical procedures.

The Center is far more than simulators. It also includes:

  • A multi-media classroom
  • Skills classroom
  • Two debriefing rooms with video capability to review completed simulations
  • Data-collection and outcome-monitoring technologies

Improving Care and Outcomes

With all of its tools and resources, the Mount Carmel Center for Innovative Learning is the consummate collaborative training facility for a health system that prides itself on providing integrated, patient-centered care. And the advanced education, preparation and training it fosters will ensure that Mount Carmel remains a leader not only in learning and technology, but also in improving patient outcomes and care.

To Take a Virtual Tour of the Center, Please Use The Google Map Below:

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