For Our Future: MCCN Strategic Planning

Mount Carmel College of Nursing focuses on continual growth and transformation, and the College has been on a trajectory of growth for more than two decades — adding new programs, introducing new technologies and welcoming increasing numbers of students in both the undergraduate and graduate programs.

Later this year, Mount Carmel Health System will begin a $46 million transformation of the Franklinton campus, which includes expansion of, and many enhancements for, the College.

To ensure we are prepared for our bright future, we have embarked on development of a comprehensive strategic plan in collaboration with key stakeholder groups. We have engaged AMC Strategies, LLC, of Los Angeles to guide us in preparing enrichments to our programs and services that will not only identify ways to enhance the outcomes and preparedness of our graduates, but will also position us to accommodate the growth we anticipate. A Steering Committee, including our Board of Trustees, Mount Carmel Health leaders, community partners, faculty, staff, alumni, and students, began meeting in November 2017. The group has conducted an environmental assessment, 40 individual and group interviews, and in January 2018 launched an essential fact-gathering survey. Planning is expected to conclude by the end of the 2017–18 academic year.

We are helping our students to answer their life’s calling to become professional nurses — today and well into the future.

Please send any questions for the Steering Committee to

The Strategic Planning Timeline

  • Phase I: Conduct Planning Research — November–December 2017–January 2018
  • Phase II: Define Vision and Strategic Direction — February–April 2018
  • Phase II: Finalize Plan/Implementation Planning — May 2018

Survey Composition

  • Approximately 5,000 stakeholders were invited to take the strategic planning survey.
  • The audience consisted of faculty/instructors, staff, students and approximately 3,700 alumni.
  • Of those invited, 42 percent of internal stakeholders (n=546) and eight percent of alumni (n=296) completed the survey.

Participant Demographics

Survey Respondents by Role

  • Students: 46%
  • Alumni: 35%
  • Faculty: 10%
  • Other: 5%*
  • Staff: 4%

Response Rates by Role

  • Staff: 83%
  • Faculty: 61%
  • Students: 36%
  • Alumni: 8%

* Of the 30 participants choosing other, 20% were Board of Trustees members and 20% had more than one role.

Steering Committee

Steering Committee
  • Dr. Todd Everett, Director, Financial Aid and Project Lead
  • Miriam Abbott, Faculty Senate Chair and Associate Professor
  • Cora Arledge, Coordinator, Lancaster Campus
  • Dr. Ann Marie Brooks, Interim President
  • Dr. Kim Campbell, Director of Admissions /Recruitment
  • Dr. Scott Dolan, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Program
  • Brian Draher, Graduate Student -FNP
  • Frieda Gill, Assistant Professor
  • Karen Greene, Director of Enrollment and Records
  • Sister Barbara Hahl, CSC, MCHS Senior VP Mission, and MCCN Board of Trustees
  • Tanya Hahn, Chair, MCCN Board of Trustees
  • Robin Hutchinson Bell, Director, College Relations and Marketing
  • Dr. Jill Kilanowski, Associate Dean, Graduate Program
  • Brett Justice, Senior VP, MCHS, Strategy & System Development
  • Mary LaFrancois, MCHS, Senior VP, Human Resources
  • John Lawson, Trinity Health, Director of Regional, and CIO, Client Services
  • Dr. Kim Loscko, Assistant Professor
  • Matt Mazza, Vice Chair, MCCN Board of Trustees
  • Tauana McDonald, MCHS, COO
  • Dr. Jeri Milstead (’57), MCCN Board of Trustees
  • Jami Nininger, Assistant Dean, Distance Learning
  • JJ Perez, MCCN Board of Trustees
  • Dr. Charles Sanders, MCCN Board of Trustees
  • Sean Seminsky, Undergraduate Student - Junior
  • Kathy Smith, Director, Business Operations
  • Deanna Stewart, President, MCHS Foundation
  • Susannah Townsend, Director, Institutional Effectiveness
  • Dr. Ann Waterman, Interim Academic Dean

Pizza Party

MCCN celebrates the completion of the Strategic Planning Survey with a pizza party for students, faculty and staff. See the photos here.