MCCN Scholarly Work

The Graduate Program

Mount Carmel College of Nursing graduate students complete a wide spectrum of scholarly projects which enhance opportunities for collaboration and the achievement of quality outcomes. These scholarly projects represent the achievements of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) Essentials of Master’s Education Nursing. Projects by graduate students include:

Graduate Research Assistant Project

Erika Williams, RN: Accuracy of Staging Pressure Ulcers. Erika's GRA project was with Tara Williams, Director at MCE Neuroscience. Erika developed (and trademarked) an algorithm specifically focused on assessment of pressure ulcers. This project encompassed the need for consistent education of staff. Outstanding project and presentation.

Nursing Administration Capstone

Janell Thomas, RN: Care of High Risk Psychiatric Inpatients. OhioHealth. Janell's work focused on risk for suicide. She was successful in getting the entire OhioHealth system to have one consistent policy and assessment tool for suicide risk patients. Janell modified an existing assessment tool and it was accepted-ready for implementation. A remarkable accomplishment.

Heather Casparro, RN: Increasing Breast Cancer Awareness. Worked with Komen Columbus. Heather's worked accomplished five major initiatives: Worship in Pink program, education at local beauty shops, bake sale fundraisers, analysis of community needs assessment for several counties in Ohio, increasing patient navigator role in the education related to breast cancer awareness. Heather's projects were done with limited financial resources and accomplished community connections.

Lydia Smith, RN: Establishing Continuity of Care through an Electronic Communication System. Ohio State Wexner Medical Center and Veteran's Administration. Lydia's project successfully established an electronic system for primary care and VA follow-up. She maneuvered both systems and was able to accomplish this task in her project. All Case Managers and Social Workers benefit at both OSU and VA for consistent follow-up/referral of veterans-plus veterans receive "seamless" care!

Emily Cleland, RN: Promoting Primary Care. Worked with Jane Dixon in Mount Carmel West Emergency Services. Emily's project assessed the current primary care referral system from MCW ER. Not having ER experience, she successfully focused her leadership on a different area of practice. She successfully provided an assessment to a multidisciplinary team.

Jill Snyder, RN: Diley Ridge Medical Center: Hospitalist Service. Diley Ridge/Jodi Watson President/CEO. Jill's project focused on declining hospital admissions at this facility. In her project, an assessment of coverage, quality care, potential revunue area and integration of hospitalist into the system. She was successful in helping determine a hospitalist group for the facility.

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