How Status is Determined

Mount Carmel College of Nursing(MCCN) offers students direct-entry into the nursing program upon acceptance. A MCCN student’s status (freshman year-senior year) is determined based on the sequence of courses that he/she has successfully completed, as opposed to the number of credit hours that he/she has taken. (Please see the pdf.)

A student can start sophomore nursing courses only if he/she has completed the MCCN freshman curriculum even though he/she may have credit for courses in MCCN sophomore curriculum, junior curriculum and/or senior curriculum.

Spring Semester (January) and Summer Session (May) admission is based on space, curriculum and overall academic performance. A limited number of eligible new students can enter MCCN at sophomore status or higher after current MCCN students are placed and available space is assessed. The majority of MCCN new students enter Fall Semester (August) at freshman status because there is more space available.

MCCN students need a minimum of 12 credit hours to have full-time status in the Fall and Spring Semester. The same applies for Summer Session. If a student has transfer courses that are equivalent to any of the MCCN freshman, sophomore, junior and/or senior courses, transfer credit is granted. A student must have a grade of “C” or better in order for the course to transfer. However, the student’s admission status may not change.

There is some flexibility with general education courses in order to maintain full-time status. For example, if a student has transfer credit for English and Psychology, which are in the MCCN first semester freshman curriculum, from another college/university then he/she could possibly enroll in Cultural Anthropology (from the second semester sophomore curriculum) for full-time status in the freshman year. (A transfer applicant may use the MCCN curriculum sections to self-evaluate possible status based on his/her completed and/or pending collegiate level courses that are equivalent to the MCCN curriculum. An applicant must be admitted to MCCN for any transfer credit to be granted.)

However, the more credits a student transfers from another college/university the less likely he/she is to be full-time. If he/she is not full-time, one or more of the following situations could occur:

  • reduced options for certain financial aid/scholarships
  • removal from parents’ insurance, depending on student’s age
  • earlier repayment of student loans that may have already been incurred at a previous college/university.