David and Bonnie Moses are very aware of the critical need for nurses and have established this scholarship to provide support for students who are working toward a BSN at Mount Carmel College of Nursing. As a clinical instructor, Bonnie sees the challenges facing many students as they balance home, work and school. An excellent clinician and educator, Bonnie motivates her students to give their best effort.

Monsignor McMahon served his parish in Richmond, Virginia, and was a strong supporter of MCCN because of his niece, faculty member Kathy Blanchard. These scholarships are given in honor and appreciation of Kathy as former Director of the Dietetic Internship Program.

The Compassion Scholarship was established by Nan Lyndon, MS, RN, and her husband Charlie Lyndon. The personification of a “Mount Carmel Nurse,” Nan was a part of the Mount Carmel family for 25 years, and leaves a legacy of wisdom, genuine caring for students, and nursing excellence. Sadly, Nan passed away in October 2013, but her compassionate nature will be remembered for generations to come.

Dean L. Frantz Scholarship

This scholarship is given by faculty member Dale Hilty in honor and memory of Dean L. Frantz who received his Theology degree in 1945 from Bethany Seminary. He earned his Diploma in Analytical Psychology from the Carl G. Jung Institute in Zurich, Switzerland in 1976, and established a private practice in Fort Wayne, which he continued until his passing. As a Jungian Analyst, his entire life was dedicated to helping people discover God’s intention for their lives and then helping them become those individuals in whom God made a living reality. He wrote his diploma thesis on “Meaning for Modern Man in the Paintings of Peter Birkhauser.”

Reverend Noah E. Hilty Scholarship Fund

This scholarship is given in honor and memory of Reverend Noah E. Hilty. Reverend Hilty was a minister, farmer and master bricklayer. He was ordained into the ministry on August 10, 1919 and served as a full-time minister for 50 years. He graduated from the eighth grade and took several religious courses. Reverend Hilty valued the pursuit of an education at the undergraduate and graduate levels. This scholarship is given in gratitude and appreciation for his life.

Beth Bishop was a 1974 graduate of Mount Carmel and worked as an RN for many years at Mount Carmel and the Columbus Eye Center. Beth Ann celebrated life and truly loved nursing. This scholarship established by her family and friends honors her many years as a true patient advocate.

Lois “Ikey” Eikenbary graduated from Mount Carmel School of Nursing in 1941. A native of Marion, Ohio, she spent the summers of her youth on her grandparents’ farm near Ada, Ohio. Lois always hoped to attend college, but during the Great Depression this dream eluded her. Eventually, a long-delayed bonus for her father’s World War I service provided the opportunity for Lois to enter nursing school. Francis Ryan, a Columbus native pursing an education in accounting, met and fell in love with Lois while he was hospitalized at Mount Carmel. All six of their children were born at Mount Carmel. Both Lois and Francis worked and sacrificed so that their children could have a quality education and realize their dreams. This scholarship is dedicated to the memory of the Ryans by their children in appreciation for their parents’ spirit of giving and serving.

Brenda Binkley

Brenda Binkley was a Mount Carmel associate for more than 30 years, with over a decade of service to Mount Carmel College of Nursing. She understood the critical importance of nursing education and its impact on the health and wellness of our communities. Brenda touched many lives and is deeply missed by her family, colleagues and friends. Brenda’s legacy of caring and helping others will continue through this scholarship fund.