Transfer Courses - Semester Matrix

Below is a semester matrix that lists the courses that will transfer to Mount Carmel College of Nursing (MCCN) from Columbus State Community College (CSCC) and The Ohio State University (OSU). Courses also can be transfered from other colleges/universities as well. Transfer credit is granted based on the college/university course grade of “C” or better, total credit hours for the course, and the course description. Science courses must be completed within the last five years in order for transfer credit to be granted.

NOTE: Mount Carmel College of Nursing reserves the right to change any course requirements. You must apply and be accepted to MCCN before any transfer credit will be officially awarded. MCCN has designed an integrated curriculum, and students are strongly encouraged to complete coursework, especially science courses, at MCCN.

Freshman Curriculum
MCCN Course/Num
CSCC Course/NUM OSU Course/Num
SCIE 123
Anatomy & Physiology I
or EEOB 2510*
SCIE 124
Anatomy & Physiology II
BIO 2301 or BIO 2232 PHYSIOLOGY* EEOB 2520*
SCIE 103
Organic Biochemistry
CHEM 1112* or 1113* CHEM 1110* or 1210*
SCIE 125
BIO 2215* MICROBIOL 4000*
ENGL 110
English Composition
ENGL 1100 ENGLISH 1110
HUMN 110
Comparative Religions
HUM 1270 RELSTDS 2370 or COMPSTD 2370
PSYC 101
General Psychology
PSY 1100 PSYCH 1100
SOCL 101
Introduction to Sociology
SOC 1101 SOCIOL 1101
or RURLSOC 1500

Sophomore Curriculum
MCCN Course/Num
CSCC Course/NUM OSU Course/Num
PSYC 225
Human Growth & Development
PSY 2340 HDFS 2400
SCIE 220
HNTR 1153* or HOSP 1153* or NUTR 2310* HUMN NTR 2210* or 2310*
SCIE 230/290
Physiologic Alterations I
BIO 2302 or BIO 2263* HTHRHSC 5500*
SCIE 231/291
Physiologic Alterations II
Will need 3 cr. Independent Study at MCCN to complete. Will need 2 cr. Indepenedent
Study at MCCN to complete.

Junior Curriculum
MCCN Course/Num
CSCC Course/NUM OSU Course/Num
HUMN 320/390
Ethical & Moral Issues
PHIL 1130 PHILOS 1300
Health Statistics
STAT 1350 or 1450 STAT 1350 or 1450

* When transferring Anatomy & Physiology separately, we count Anatomy as SCIE 123 and Physiology as SCIE 124; both Anatomy and Physiology must be completed to receive full credit for SCIE 123 and SCIE 124. Mount Carmel College of Nursing does not accept BIO 1121 or BIO 1122 as equivalent transfer credit from Columbus State Community College.

* Credit will not be granted for science courses completed at another institution more than five years prior to the first semester at Mount Carmel.

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