Online RN-BSN Completion Program Curriculum Plan

Required general education courses provide broad learning opportunities enabling students to integrate the most current knowledge from the humanities, liberal arts, and sciences in the study of health issues of individuals and society.

Potential Transfer Courses

  • NURSING 32
  • GENERAL EDUCATION 52 (Including statistics)

Mount Carmel Nursing Courses
(30 semester credits)

  • Introduction to Online Learning
    (This course is a prerequisite to all courses in the plan of study.)
  • NURS 301 (3) Nursing Informatics
  • NURS 400 (3) Conceptual Foundations of Nursing
  • NURS 410 (3) Caring Health Practices in Health Assessment
  • NURS 3533 (3) Transcultural Concepts
  • NURS 360 (3) Nursing Research & Evidence Based Practice
  • NURS 402 (4) Caring Practices within the Leadership Role
  • NURS 409 (3) Caring Health Practices for the Older Adult
  • NURS 403 (4) Caring Health Practices within the Community
  • NURS 490 (4) Capstone Experience

Mount Carmel General Education Courses
(14 semester credits)

  • HUMN 420 (3) Ethical Issues
  • HUMN 425 (3) Religion & Spirituality
  • SCIENCE 420 (4) Applied Science
  • HUMN 430 (4) Applied Humanities
  • HEALTH 320 (3) Statistics (if needed)

Mount Carmel College of Nursing is a member of the national "Joining Forces" initiative led by the American Nurses Association, American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, American Association of Colleges of Nursing, and the National League for Nursing, in coordination with the Departments of Veterans Affairs and Defense. As one of 500 nursing programs in the nation, MCCN is committed by 2014 to educate America's future nurses to care for our nation's veterans, service members, and their families facing post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury, depression, and other clinical issues. The RN-BSN program has integrated veteran-centric and veteran specific content into the online curriculum, including the co-morbidities of veterans and the complexities of nursing assessment and care. Click here for the Joining Forces Commitment Fact Sheet.

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