Photo of Anderson Family Endowment Fund awardees

Anderson Family Endowment Fund

Dr. Craig W. Anderson, director of newborn Medicine at Mount Carmel West, is well aware of the nursing shortage in hospitals around the country. “Nurses are my support staff,” said Dr. Anderson. “I work closely with them every day, and my wife and I want to make a difference that we can actually see to fight the shortage.” Through the establishment of the Anderson Family Endowment Fund, the Andersons will use the interest from the fund along with annual contributions to award scholarships to Mount Carmel College of Nursing students each year. “People need to give back, and my wife and I are at the stage in our lives where we can,” Dr. Anderson said. “If we can encourage students to go into medicine and, at the same time, encourage similar families to give back then, hopefully, the amount of care that we can provide will improve.”

The Andersons also want to leave a lasting impression at home by instilling philanthropic ideas in their children and show them there is always a need to help others. For years to come, the Andersons will be able to award deserving Mount Carmel students.

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