Francis and Lois Eikenbary Ryan Memorial Scholarship Awardee

Francis and Lois Eikenbary Ryan Memorial Scholarship

Lois “Ikey” Eikenbary graduated from Mount Carmel School of Nursing in 1941. A native of Marion, Ohio, she spent the summers of her youth on her grandparents’ farm near Ada, Ohio. Lois always hoped to attend college, but during the Great Depression this dream eluded her. Eventually, a long-delayed bonus for her father’s World War I service provided the opportunity for Lois to enter nursing school. Francis Ryan, a Columbus native pursing an education in accounting, met and fell in love with Lois while he was hospitalized at Mount Carmel. All six of their children were born at Mount Carmel. Both Lois and Francis worked and sacrificed so that their children could have a quality education and realize their dreams. This scholarship is dedicated to the memory of the Ryans by their children in appreciation for their parents’ spirit of giving and serving.