Mary C. Wanner Memorial Scholarship

The Mary C. (Katie) Wanner scholarship, established by Katie’s family, celebrates a legacy of learning at Mount Carmel College of Nursing. Four generations of Katie’s family have graduated from Mount Carmel: Katie’s mother-in-law, Helen, graduated in 1924; Katie herself graduated in 1947; Katie’s daughters, Molly Taylor and Sally Martin, graduated in 1980 and 1983; Liz Guzzo Danley, Katie’s niece, graduated in 1979; and Katie’s great niece, Danielle Newell, graduated in 2009. Katie worked in the newborn nursery at Mount Carmel until her retirement. Each year family members contribute to the scholarship fund at their family reunion. The scholarship is given to a student who exhibits the hard work and dedication to nursing that Katie exemplified in her more than 40 years of nursing.