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Joshua Aronovsky

Like many stories that lead to nursing careers, Joshua Aronovsky’s began with a family health crisis. His mother lost a yearlong battle with brain cancer in August 2007. Her care included multiple craniotomies and three months of chemotherapy and radiation.

In addition to his mother’s strength and courage, Aronovsky found inspiration in the nurses who played a critical and personal role in her care. “They were not only caring, but also empathetic,” he recalled, “which provided a great deal of consolation to me and my family.”

It was during that time that he made the decision to return to school. His new goal: a degree in nursing. Three years later, thanks to donations to the College of Nursing through the Mount Carmel Foundation, he is mere months away from reaching that goal.

Through his commitment to academics and service, Aronovsky has earned three scholarships: the Josephine Walters Care Star Scholarship, the Robert G. & Katherine R. Schwemley Foundation Scholarship and the Trinity Health Scholarship. Add them to his student loans and his work as a patient care assistant in the Neuro Intensive Care Unit at Mount Carmel West, and he will be able to complete his degree this spring without any additional out-of-pocket costs.

“I’m extremely thankful to all the donors who continue to make high-quality nursing education available to students like me,” he added. “In a way, they’re honoring my mother and her caregivers, too, and that makes it even more special.”