Carmel QuickNews

November 2015

Wi-Fi Access Update

The College is aware of the challenges students are experiencing with wireless internet access through mccn_edunet during periods of peak usage. Members of the College’s IT team have been working for the last several months to plan and implement improved wireless Internet access throughout Marian Hall and the CLE. This project involves a complete rewiring of College buildings with new data cables and the installation of new wireless hardware (generally in the ceilings) to provide reliable and speedy Internet access across the campus.

This is a large, complicated project and will take approximately 60 days to complete, the bulk of which will occur over the holiday break period Fall and Spring semesters. The target date for completion is January 29, 2016. Look for additional updates in the coming weeks as the project progresses. We appreciate your patience during the installation and upgrade process. If you have questions, please contact John Smith, MCCN Systems Administrator at

Celebrate Thanksgiving at the Interfaith Prayer Service November 23

Campus Ministry will present an Interfaith Thanksgiving Prayer Service on Monday, November 23 at noon in the College Lounge. Leaders of the Roman Catholic, Methodist, Jewish and Muslim faith traditions will share what is most meaningful to them. Participating clergy include Father Joe Ciccone, C.S.P., director of the St. Thomas More Newman Center; Nicol Ghazi, Noor Islamic Center; Rev. Lou Seipel, senior pastor of Broad Street Methodist Church; and Rabbi Yosef Zylberberg, senior rabbi of Temple Israel in Lima, Ohio and adjunct professor at Ohio University. Students in Campus Ministry who belong to each faith tradition will respond to each corresponding faith leader. Michael Szczepanik, a guitarist from St. Thomas More Newman Center, and the Mount Carmel College of Nursing Choir will provide music. All are welcome.

Avondale Holiday Giving Program Begins November 23

MCCN once again will help brighten the holidays of lower income local children at Avondale Elementary School through the Avondale Holiday Giving Program. Sponsored by the Health Sciences Library and the Office of Student Life, the theme for this year’s effort is “Celebrating the Community and People-Centered Care.”

A Christmas tree decorated with ornaments outlining each student’s gift requests will be placed in the library November 23. Interested students, faculty, staff and MCW colleagues can select an ornament off the tree and purchase the gift listed on it. Gifts should be turned in unwrapped during the library’s annual Jingle Bells & Books event on December 8 (exact times will be announced). This year, the library will be holding Jingle Bells & Books in two locations at the same time: the library in the CLE and in the Consumer Health Library, located on the first floor of 777 W. State St. building.

After all the gifts are received, they will be wrapped and delivered to the students at Avondale the week before their holiday break. Thank you in advance for adding some holiday cheer for disadvantaged kids.

Rho Omicron New Member Induction Set for November 19

The new member induction ceremony for the Rho Omicron Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International, the honor society of nursing, will be held Thursday, November 19 from 5-8 p.m. in the MSB Auditorium. The event also will feature a silent auction; all purchases will be cash or check only. For more information, contact Therese Snively, PhD, RN, president, at

In the Library This Month:

  • Join the library from noon to 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, November 17 for fresh-baked cookies and cold milk and the opportunity to see new features to help you navigate our site and find information for your assignments.
  • Food for Fines is back from November 16-December 31! For every item of food you donate to the library, $3 in fines will be forgiven. All donations go to the student food pantry.

Pediatric Interest Group Lunch and Learn Meets November 30

The student Pediatric Interest Group is meeting Monday, November 30 in the College Lounge at noon. Listen to MCCN Assistant Instructor Shivani Patel, RN, BSN, staff nurse at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and PNP student at The Ohio State University tell her story. Marlene Daldoss, senior student, will speak about the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Externship for junior students. Madison Belcher will share her experience at the Flying Horse Farms camp for children with serious illnesses. Lunch will be provided but please RSVP to Hannah O’Handley at

NCLEX News for Seniors

March 2016 Graduates: There will be a three-day ATI live NCLEX-RN review March 1-3 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the Columbus campus.

May & July Graduates: Save the date for the three-day live NCLEX-RN review May 3-5 from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. on the Columbus campus.

Seniors also have the opportunity to complete ATI's Capstone NCLEX-RN review and four weeks of Virtual ATI in the NURS 3528 Clinical Judgment with Integrated Clinical seminar. Capstone is a content review and Virtual ATI is an individualized review with your own personal on-line faculty. You will be 50% of the way to achieving your "green light" which means you are ready to go and take the NCLEX-RN exam! All seniors will be able to begin Virtual ATI 4 weeks prior to their graduation date and are highly encouraged to take advantage of this unique individualized review which will greatly enhance your chances of success in passing NCLEX-RN. Please feel free to contact Brenda Beyer, RN, MSN, NCLEX-RN and Testing Specialist at if you have any questions.

Update on MCCN’s Course Evaluation Process

With the adoption of the College’s new learning management system this past summer, MyMCCN|Canvas, the College also transitioned to a new course evaluation system called EvaluationKit. This system integrates with Canvas to provide students with a seamless experience in completing course evaluations.

Some of the benefits of EvaluationKit:

  • Seamless integration with Canvas: Your evaluations can now be completed from a single login to Canvas - without the need to log into another website.
  • Confidentiality and anonymity: As always, course evaluation data kept securely and confidentially. The software uses sophisticated mechanisms to ensure responses are de-identified and not linked to a specific student.
  • Mobile-friendly interface: If you need to complete your course evaluations on a mobile device, EvaluationKit is responsive and works across device types.

With any new online system, there are changes that impact the user’s experience. We’ve summarized some of these changes below.

  • Shorter evaluations: The course evaluations have been streamlined and reduced in length. Most students spend less than five minutes per course to complete their evaluations.
  • Shorter survey period: The period of time course evaluations are open has been shortened from two weeks to one week. This will help limit the overlap of evaluations with end-of-course activities and places the evaluations as close to the end of the course as possible.
  • Fewer reminders: Compared to the previous course evaluation system, students will now generally receive just 1-2 email messages about upcoming course evaluations. Because the evaluations are completed inside Canvas, the need for multiple email reminders is significantly reduced.
  • Required completion: The College has a longstanding policy requiring that students complete a course evaluation for each course. Due to technical limitations with our previous course evaluation system, this requirement was not easy to implement. Now, once course evaluations become available, students will generally have one week to complete them. During days one and two of the evaluation period, students will have the option to skip the evaluation for that session. Three days before survey end date, the option to skip the evaluation is removed and the evaluation must be completed in order to gain access to the Canvas course. Once the evaluation is completed, access to the Canvas course will be restored automatically.

Instructors and the academic leadership team receive summary reports from the course evaluation soon after the semester/term ends and use the information to continuously improve the quality of the College’s educational programs. Faculty members benefit from students’ views on what could be improved and what went well in the course. To that end, students are encouraged to provide accurate, professional, and constructive feedback on their course evaluations. If you have any questions about the course evaluation process, send your questions to Dr. Darrell Spurlock, Director of Scholarship and Institutional Effectiveness at

Campus Climate Survey

Sexual violence, sexual harassment, stalking, and intimate partner violence can interfere with a student's academic performance and emotional and physical well-being. As part of the Mount Carmel College of Nursing’s ongoing commitment to ensuring a campus environment free of sexual and other forms of violence and harassment, the College will be conducting a Campus Climate Survey in late November 2015. This survey is part of a national and statewide movement for colleges and universities to conduct a yearly survey of enrolled students to inform educational programming and services offered to students. Students will be invited to participate via email and to ensure that students feel comfortable in being open and honest in their survey responses, no personal identifiers will be collected. Incentives will be provided to promote participation in this important survey.