The Student Advisory Council (SAC) at MCCN-FMC is the equivalent of the Student Government Association on the Columbus campus. SAC strives to make the experience for nursing students at MCCN-FMC the best it can be by working closely with students and staff. Representatives from each class at Fairfield Medical Center (FMC) take part in the council and address their concerns by making them known to the proper faculty and staff. SAC currently has six active members: Sophomores Samantha and Kaleigh Tharp, Juniors A.J. Yost and Rebekah Young and Senior Megan Robinson comprise the council.

The last SAC meeting was on February 16. Some of the concerns mentioned by students in the meeting involved the graduation process for seniors and attracting more student interest in groups such as Student Advisory Council and Student Nurses Association. Faculty and staff currently are reviewing other issues and concerns mentioned by students. Once faculty and staff have evaluated these concerns, they will report on their results when appropriate.

Three members also attended the Student Alumni meeting in February 26 at the Columbus campus.

If you are a student at MCCN-FMC and wish to become a member of the SAC, please contact a current council member or Deidre Smith at

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