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Thanks for Helping the Colleague Giving Campaign Knock One Out of the Park!

With your help, Mount Carmel College of Nursing’s Colleague Giving Campaign exceeded its goal, raising $23,228. Utilizing a donation match from the Mount Carmel Foundation, your gifts will help the College purchase a new van.

Congratulations to these winners of the special donation incentives that helped make this campaign a success:

Premium parking space winners

  • Colleen B. Duggan – December
  • Julia E. Farkas – January
  • Katheryn Fernandez – February
  • Margaret R. Stinner – March
  • Pat McKnight – April
  • Barbara Barta – May
  • Catie Mauer Baack – June

One Day of Paid Leave Time (PLT) Winners

  • Brenda Beyer
  • Darrell Spurlock

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