Deadline: June 15, 2021

The following information is submitted by:
Who are you nominating for the 2020 Distinguished Alumni Award
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In order to provide a more comprehensive and representative nomination packet, additional supporting documents are encouraged in the following categories: Newspaper, journal, magazine, or an online publication that provides a sample of media coverage and/or supports the fulfillment of the criteria and synopsizes how the nominee demonstrates the College’s Core Values.

PLEASE NOTE: All supporting documents may not exceed 10 pages overall.

Submit your nomination packet online or by email to:

If submitting by mail: Mount Carmel College of Nursing
Attention Alumni Relations Office
127 South Davis Avenue,
Columbus, Ohio 43222

The alumni award committee will review all nominations received. Nominations will be rated in categories based on the criteria. All nominees and their nominators will be notified by July 15th of the outcome.

For further information call the MCCN Alumni Relations office 614.234.5681.

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