williams wesley

“Scholarships not only enable me to be a nurse, but allow me to become the best nurse I can be.”

Wesley Williams, Class of 2021

albertini glorya

“I am grateful for scholarships because they lessen the financial burden of school and allowed me to focus on patient care as well as my overall education.”

Glorya Albertini, Class of 2019

darkwah tabita

“Receiving a scholarship has been a huge relief of stress on my family and has allowed me to focus more solely on my nursing education.”

Tabita Darkwah, Class of 2020

joyce christine

“Being a scholarship recipient motivates me to work harder in the clinical setting and be a better person in my everyday life.”

Christine Joyce, Class of 2020

powell alexis

“The generosity of scholarship donors have made it possible for me to follow my dreams and make an impact on the lives of others.”

Alexis Powell, Class of 2021

touray isatou

“Receiving scholarships has been a huge encouragement to me, both financially and educationally, as I am given the opportunity to reach my fullest potential without limitation.”

Isatou Touray, Class of 2020

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