“These scholarships have helped me continue on my journey to completing my BSN. I am a full- time working student and have been paying for my program out of pocket and through personal loans. I am very grateful I received these scholarships and I thank everyone who provided them.”

Tiarah Vermillion


“I am beyond grateful to be able to receive scholarships this year! Scholarships allow me to lessen my work hours and dedicate more time to my studies, which allows me to get the most benefit from school.”

Noel Ingram


“It’s been my dream to be a nurse for many years now and this scholarship is helping me achieve my dream. The financial aspect of schooling is a hardship for all of us and this has helped reduce some of that financial stress and means the world to me. Thank you so much!”

Almaz Sullivan


“These scholarships have helped me because it was motivation for me to succeed more in my nursing career. I feel so honored by receiving these scholarships and having someone invest in my future that I can only hope to return this generosity by becoming the best nurse and achieving my dreams.”

Kelsey Scorese


“My heart is full of gratitude, and I am in awe of your generosity in sharing your resources with graduate students like myself. You have not just lessened the financial burden on me but impacted lives beyond me. By investing in me, you have validated my worth and pushed me a year closer towards reaching my goal of becoming a nurse practitioner. Through your gift, many lives will be touched while serving the community. I am so grateful for your generosity. I will never forget what you have done for me, and your investment will not be in vain.”

Yvonne Spencer


“These scholarships have helped me tremendously by allowing me to focus on my studies. It means so much to me to be a recipient. I am so grateful!”

Lexi Bussert


“This scholarship has meant a great deal to me because it shows that people are wanting us to succeed. By getting this scholarship it also makes me feel like someone sees my education as a value they want to invest in.”

Devin Power


“Being awarded this scholarship has alleviated stress from my life so I am able to focus on becoming the best nurse I can be! I appreciate Mount Carmel as receiving this scholarship means more than anyone can understand, especially in the hard times of the pandemic! Thank you!”

A’Nah Levels-Henderson


“Receiving this scholarship has meant the world to me and I am so grateful. Because of scholarship money, I did not need to take out a private loan. I feel like I can start off my career as a nurse with much less debt.”

Kelsie Smith


“The scholarship has greatly helped me financially and academically. Less financial stress helped me focus more on my academics, which led to better academic excellence.”

Kate Donkoh


“The scholarships I received made it possible for me to continue my college education with less financial stress. So, it means the world to me to be a recipient. Thank you!”

Makala Byrd Hall


“I am really happy and honored that I got the scholarship award because it’s going toward my education and it’s getting me closer to my career. Thank you.”

Princess Stephen


“I humbly say thank you much. This scholarship has been a great relief, especially this semester. For once I felt like a student with no need to be juggling between jobs to pay my fees. I’m grateful and pray God restores and nourishes individuals, firms, and NGO’s who decided to support us in our journey. This is enough motivation to encourage us to give our best as nurses.”

Ester Kissi

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