Numerous financial aid options are available to students. Financial aid is awarded based on demonstrated financial need, scholastic achievement and other considerations in the form of loans and scholarships. Students may find assistance through the Federal & Stafford Loans, the College’s own financial aid programs and private lenders other than the College. Representatives from the MCCN financial aid department can assist students in exploring various options.

Applying for Financial Aid

Do you need financial aid to assist you as you pursue your academic goals?

By following the information listed below it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Complete the Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Go to our web site: and click on tuition and financial aid, financial aid links and click on FAFSA or go directly to You should use your current PIN or apply for a new one at When you have your pin number you can then go back to the web site to complete the form. If you are required to include parent information on the FAFSA, your parent must also apply for a pin number. You will need to list Mount Carmel College of Nursing’s Title IV school code: 030719 for us to receive a copy of your results automatically. If you filed a FAFSA last year, you may do your renewal on the web. If you receive a request for verification from us, you must complete this as soon as possible in order for us to continue with your aid application.

2. Wait for a financial aid award letter from the financial aid office.

This letter will inform you of your aid eligibility and how to apply for the Stafford loan listed on your award. Additional loans, including the Parent PLUS and alternative loans, can be completed. This information is also provided in your award letter. need your department of education pin number to electronically sign for the loan(s).

For additional information you may visit our web site: or you can refer to our financial aid brochure.

Sources of Information

Websites for Financial Aid and Scholarships:

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