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Our Legacy of Learning

Our Legacy of Learning

September 15 is Founder’s Day at Mount Carmel College of Nursing – commemorating our founding by the Sisters of the Holy Cross in 1903. In celebration, MCCN President and Dean Emeritus, Dr. Ann E. Schiele, has a special three-minute message about strengthening, supporting and sustaining Our Legacy of Learning. Please enjoy Ann’s heartfelt words:

Dr Ann E Schiele

Mount Carmel Foundation President, Deanna Stewart, invites you to learn more by attending a virtual Our Legacy of Learning Campaign Kick-off Town Hall at noon on September 22 featuring MCCN President and Academic Dean, Dr. Kathleen Williamson. You’ll hear how MCCN is adapting to maintain excellence in nursing education during the coronavirus pandemic, making advances in innovative teaching, helping our students stay engaged, and renewing its commitment to the mission of our founders, the Sisters of the Holy Cross, through Our Legacy of Learning Campaign.

Please RSVP for the MCCN Town Hall by replying to

At noon on September 22, please follow the instructions below to participate in the Our Legacy of Learning Campaign Kick-off Town Hall.

To join by computer or phone application, click here and enter access code 173 171 0780 and when prompted enter password q97MJmCpiB4.

To join by phone, call 408-418-9388 and enter 173 171 0780 and when prompted enter password 79765627.

We welcome questions for our panel in advance: Please submit them to, or feel free to submit them during the virtual meeting via the chat feature.

As always, MCCN thanks you for your dedication and interest, and we look forward to your attendance and participation next week.

Welcome Class of 2024!

On Aug. 13, 2020, MCCN welcomed the Class of 2024 through a unique, engaging virtual Convocation. Click here to hear from MCCN’s new President and Academic Dean, Kathleen Williamson, PhD, RN, and other faculty and staff. Due to the global coronavirus pandemic, classes for the foreseeable future will be a hybrid of online classes and in-person clinical instruction.

Welcome Our New President and Academic Dean

Kathleen Williamson

Mount Carmel Health System named Kathleen Williamson, PhD, MSN, RN, as Mount Carmel College of Nursing (MCCN) president and academic dean, effective Aug. 31, 2020. She has served as interim president since mid-May and as academic dean since January 2019, when she joined the College.

“Dr. Williamson’s leadership, especially during this period of unprecedented change and uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic, has been tremendous,” said Lorraine Lutton, president and CEO of Mount Carmel Health System. “Along with the faculty and staff of the College, she has worked to transform the learning environment to make sure our students continue to get the very best nursing education and training available anywhere.”

In her role as president, Dr. Williamson has oversight of graduate, undergraduate and online programs where nearly 1,000 students are enrolled at the College’s two campuses. She is responsible for the overall leadership of undergraduate and graduate academics, student academic support, and student affairs programs – including monitoring the quality of instruction, enhancing current programs and developing new initiatives for academic programming and student engagement.

“Throughout her tenure with the College, Dr. Williamson has demonstrated her commitment to leading with real-world knowledge, clinical skill and personal passion for academic excellence,” said Tanya Hahn, Mount Carmel College of Nursing Board Chair. “We welcome her leadership and look forward to supporting her efforts.”

Dr. Williamson joined Mount Carmel from the Wilson School of Nursing, Midwestern State University, in Wichita Falls, Texas. A third-generation nurse, Dr. Williamson earned her Master of Science in Nursing Education from Wilmington University and her PhD in urban affairs and public policy from the University of Delaware. She is also a nursing education consultant and holds many community and professional leadership roles including with The Ohio State University Center for Transdisciplinary Evidenced-based Practice (CTEP), the Council for Undergraduate Research (CUR) and the Texas Nurses Association. She has authored numerous peer-reviewed publications and is a noted presenter.

Meet Logan Peoples!

Logan Peoples

Name: Logan Peoples ’18, RN, BSN

Year of graduation from Mount Carmel College of Nursing: 2018 Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Original hometown: Columbus, Ohio

Current hometown: Canal Winchester, Ohio

When did you first feel the call to be a nurse? While growing up my best friend suffered from complications of sickle cell anemia. He would have many visits to Nationwide Children’s Hospital throughout his childhood. With almost every hospitalization I would try to visit him. During these visits I was able to witness how involved the nurses were with his care and the important role they played when it came to his comfort and overall experience. At that time, I didn’t know the full entirety of a nurse’s role, but I knew it was special and left an impact on patients and the family members.

What television show do you have to DVR every week? This Is Us.

What is your favorite memory of Mount Carmel? My favorite memory of MCCN is the support and understanding of my peers. The workload of a Nursing major can only be fully understood by people who are experiencing it personally or have in the past. Having the support from your peers and just knowing that everyone is feeling the same intensity as you are at the time creates a sense of community in the classroom. In addition, meeting Dr. Regina Williams, who was in the first class to graduate students of color in 1952, is a memory I will always treasure. Dr. Williams told me that when she applied to nursing school in 1949, Mount Carmel School of Nursing was the only nursing school in Columbus that accepted African American students. I’m also very grateful that I was the recipient of her family’s endowed scholarship.

What book is currently on your nightstand (or at the top of your Kindle favorites)? “Inspired Nurse” by Rich Bluni, RN. This was gifted to me a few years ago and I’m just getting around to actually reading it!

How has your Mount Carmel network helped you in your life, personally or professional or both? I believe my Mount Carmel network has helped my life professionally by allowing me to create relationships among the staff and faculty that have lasted post-graduation.

What advice would you like to share with others as they move from students to alumni of Mount Carmel? My advice to other students as they transition to alumni of Mount Carmel would be to not be afraid of applying to their “dream job” after graduation. We often hear that employers want nurses to have experience before obtaining certain jobs, which is true at times. However, it never hurts to apply, because you never know what could happen!

Meet Frieda Gill!

Frieda Gill

Name: Frieda (Misner) Gill MS with Education Certificate, RN, CCRN, '90,'97, '09

Year of graduation(s) from Mount Carmel: 1990 Diploma, 1997 BSN, 2009 MS

Certifications: CCRN: Critical Care Registered Nurse; ACLS: Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support

Professional highlights: I have had the privilege to be at the bedside in many areas: From step down medical surgical unit, open heart intensive care unit, surgical intensive care unit, medical intensive care unit, pre-operative holding, and employee health. Currently I work on a casual Rapid Response Team at Mount Carmel Grove City. I’ve gone back to college more than once, which has opened up doors that allow me to take my passion, love and knowledge of nursing to future nurses. I am teaching undergraduate and second degree accelerated courses at my alma mater, MCCN, which is a blessing. Going back to college and being an educator has given me the courage and pushed me professionally to step outside the box, by presenting at conferences, becoming an entrepreneur, engaging, networking, and being involved in professional organizations.

Original hometown: McArthur, Ohio

Current hometown: Ashville, Ohio

When did you first feel the call to be a nurse? What a tough question and this may seem cliché, but I truly have always wanted to be a nurse from the time I can remember playing "nurse" when I was little. The thought of caring, helping, and “putting a Band-Aid” on someone to make their “boo boo” and hurt go away touches me deeply.

What television show do you have to DVR every week? Too many, and I am a sports nut: softball, soccer, hockey, and college football. In addition, The Titan Games: American Ninja Warrior, and Netflix: Criminal Minds.

What is your favorite memory of Mount Carmel? So many, that I cannot name just one, because I am a dedicated three-time alum of the “Mount.” But a few highlights include the very late night walks through the “dungeon” to the ice cream place in what was the old Mount Carmel West basement; the “curfew;” having to sign out and in at the front desk; running down the hall to get to the one phone on our hallway (you just never knew – it might be for you); the friendships; the talent shows (what a blast); and the knowledge, wisdom and expertise of my professors. Finally, getting my three degrees: Each time I walked down the aisle was special and surreal and each has given me opportunities I will cherish a lifetime.

What book is currently on your nightstand (or at the top of your Kindle favorites)? I have several, three are motivational: Perfectly Yourself, by Mathew Kelly; Life is a Journey to be Enjoyed, by Marie Carter Pollack; and I Really Needed This Today, by Hoda Kotb; and of course one to take me away: The Oath by John Lescroart.

How has your Mount Carmel network helped you in your life, personally or professional or both? I am honored to be part of the No. 1 most trusted profession in the world. Being able to care for and touch someone’s life at their most vulnerable time is an honor and privilege, and one I do not take lightly. I have had many opportunities in my profession from staff RN, and now to be a professor in my “home”: MCCN. Words cannot express my gratefulness. As an educator, to be able to pass on not only the knowledge and expertise I have, but more importantly the passion and love for this profession is a blessing in disguise. I have been able to build lifelong personal and professional friends, some of whom have become like family throughout my journey. All of these hold a spot in my heart and on my journey of excellence. This profession has shaped me holistically has a person, a nurse, a professional.

What advice would you like to share with other nurses as they move from student to alumni of Mount Carmel? Do not be too hard on yourself, remember this profession is ever-changing and you are ever-learning. Never stop learning. Find a mentor or two whom you trust: embrace them and their knowledge. Do not forget the No. 1 reason we are here: Our patients and their families to care, support, and provide excellent compassionate care. Always take time for yourself and your family and support circle. And finally, always be proud of your roots and dream, believe, create, imagine, achieve!

Mount Carmel Alumni Association Board

  • President: Pat Skunda ’72, ’10, ’14, MS, RN
  • Vice-President: Matt Edgington ’14, BSN, RN
  • Secretary: Jami Nininger ’87, DNP, RN
  • Treasurer: Suzanne Martin ’66, JD, RN
  • Cathy Lapp ’93, ’10, BSN, RN
  • Iris Reisner ’66, ’07, MS, RN
  • Jody Gill Rocha ’08, ’10, MS, RN
  • Angela Snider ’10, ’14, MS, RN, APRN-BC
  • Nominee: Frieda Gill ’90, ’97 and ’09, MS, RN, CCRN

Homecoming – Change of Plans!

As you know, the annual meeting of the Mount Carmel Alumni Association and Homecoming weekend plans for 2020 have been cancelled due to the global coronavirus pandemic. However, our 50th Honor Class will be highlighted in the Fall 2020 issue of the Lamp, and we will look forward to once again being in person together – in 2021. Members of Class of 1970 – Please answer the following questions and return them by Friday, Oct. 2, to so they can appear in the Lamp. Thank you!

  • Name (including maiden name) and credentials:
  • Specialization/Certifications:
  • Education beyond Mount Carmel School of Nursing:
  • What is a favorite memory of your time at Mount Carmel? 1967—1970
  • What are the highlights of your life (marriage, children/grandchildren, travel, hobby, etc.)
  • What are the highlights of your career?

Alumni: Share Your Story From Covid’s Front Lines

You’re invited to share your story of caring for Covid-19 patients over the past six months. A special article in the upcoming Fall 2020 issue of the Lamp will feature the experiences of our alumni who are serving on the front lines during this global pandemic.

Please send this information no later than October 15 to

  • Name (include maiden name if, applicable)
  • Credentials
  • Year(s) of graduation from Mount Carmel
  • Current position and employer
  • Two or three sentences of what it’s been like
  • Include photo (can be taken on cell phone)

Nominations are open for 2021 Distinguished Mount Carmel Alumni and Rising Star Awards!

We invite you to nominate a member of the Mount Carmel Alumni for one of two awards that will be presented at the 2021 Mount Carmel Alumni Association Annual Meeting and Homecoming: Distinguished Alumni Award and Rising Star Award. Nominations must be received by June 1, 2021 to be considered for an award in 2021 – please click here to nominate those special alumni.

Nominations received after the deadline will be considered the following year. All nominees and their nominators will be notified by July 15, 2021 of the outcome.

MCCN IT Email Purge

The MCCN IT team will begin its yearly email purge the week of October 5. This means that any MCCN email that has not been logged into in the last 365 days will be deleted. Once an email account is purged, it cannot be recovered. For users to prevent their email address from being deleted, they need to sign it to Gmail on any web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) one time before October 5.

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