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“We Gather Together” – words of the traditional Thanksgiving song – set the tone for the 2016 MCCN Interfaith Thanksgiving Prayer Service on November 21.

“We bring together what is most precious to us in our respective faith traditions…We are not about converting one another…we are about listening to each other in what we hold most precious…so that we might become more complete individually and together in this traditional and fresh new time of Thanksgiving,” said Ellen O’Shaughnessy, D.Min., director of Campus Ministry, who planned the program.

These thoughts were echoed in Reflections provided by Father Vinny McKiernan (St. Thomas More Newman Center), Jessica Shimberg (senior Rabbinic candidate), Rev. Eric Brown (Woodland Christian Church) and Nicol Ghazi (Noor Islamic Cultural Center). Responses were provided by MCCN students, Rebecca Bujnoch, Logan Jackson, Glorya Albertini, Fadumo Jama-Aden and Aisha Ahmed, as well as Yuliya Fonin, who is a graduate and current board member of Downtowners Campus Ministry.

Please note the following areas of permitted parking options:

  • Behind the hospital South Tower and Upper Deck behind the chain (WEST portion)
  • Pond lot near the Heart Center

Safety and Security are tracking students who are parking in authorized places, such as the North Garage. Please contact 614.234.6063 with any questions.

MCCN once again will help brighten the holidays of over 300 lower income children at Avondale Elementary School through the Avondale Holiday Giving Program.

Here’s how it works: a Christmas tree decorated with ornaments outlining each student’s gift requests is located in the Lobby of Marian Hall. Interested students, faculty, staff and MCW colleagues can select an ornament off the tree and purchase the gift listed on it – limit $20. Unwrapped gifts with ornament attached are to be placed under the tree by noon on Monday, December 12.

The Mount Carmel Patient Hotline received a phone call from a gentleman who wanted to pay a compliment to senior student, Patricia Mack. The gentleman was finding his way back to his car and asked Patricia for guidance. Instead of merely giving directions, Patricia took time out of her day to walk the gentleman to his car. He joked that he would still be walking if it wasn’t for Patricia and that she couldn’t be a better representative of Mount Carmel. Way to go, Patricia!

Susan Vaughn

Susan Vaughn, senior student, recently completed her mid-term evaluation for her clinical rotation at the Family Practice Center at Mount Carmel Saint Ann’s. Here is what she had to say about her experience:

“The first four weeks this term have been such a blessing to me and reinforced the path that I intend to take in my practice after licensing. I am serving the patient population I have a heart for and that I am called to serve, and I feel that I am more effective and really contribute to the practice. I also feel compelled to somehow address the issue of language barriers in the practice, even if in a small way, by implementing native language patient care forms to our patients for BP and Blood Glucose logs as well as a medication list form. I have already begun this process by engaging with my preceptor and systems/technology administrator to develop the forms and will then need to engage interpretive services for translation into the predominant languages spoken by our patients. I requested and received a list of the number of patients served by the practice and their native languages. It is my goal to get these forms developed and introduced to the Nurse Manager, Director of Physician Education and other key staff before I finish my clinical rotation in December. Additionally, I would like to attempt to get buy-in and subsequent implementation in the practice, based on evidence obtained for my evidenced-based practice term paper.”

The Mount Carmel Alumni Association will once again be hosting Finals Breakfasts during finals week. Please join us for a continental breakfast before or in between finals. The schedules for these events are listed below:

With the holiday season upon us, MCCN students, faculty and staff weighed in on what they like best about this time of year-

Hanan Omar

“My favorite thing about the holidays is being with my family and the food.”

—Hanan Omar, sophomore student

Irene Appiah-Baah

“My favorite thing about the holidays is giving to others who are less fortunate.”

—Irene Appiah-Baah, sophomore student

Janet Turner

“My favorite thing about the holidays is getting together with my family. The children, grandchildren, sisters, nieces and nephews, aunts and uncles – we have a huge family gathering and laugh, play games, and enjoy each other’s company.”

—Janet Turner, Records and Registration Coordinator

Kathy Cassandra

“My favorite thing about the holiday season is staying at my daughter’s house on Christmas Eve. I love waking up with my grandchildren on Christmas Day to open presents and seeing the looks on their faces. That is priceless.”

—Kathy Cassandra, MS, RN, CLNC, assistant professor

Rho-1 Rho-2 Rho-3 Rho-4 Rho-5

On November 10, 2016, 70 new members were inducted into the MCCN's Rho Omicron Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI) during a festive and dynamic ceremony held in the Medical Staff Building at Mount Carmel West. The inductees included students and nurses from the undergraduate program, RN-BSN completion program, and graduate program, as well as community leaders. All in attendance had the opportunity to listen to an outstanding presentation given by current board member and past Rho Omicron president, Barbara Barta, PhD, RN. Her message emphasized that every nurse must be a courageous leader. Dr. Barta articulated that, while the concept of courage is one of the hallmarks of the Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International, it is not often discussed in professional nursing or nursing education. The Greek letters of Sigma Theta Tau represent love, courage and honor. Love and honor are aligned with love and ethics, two defined and understood concepts in nursing. Recent research published in 2014 by nurse educators Hawkins and Morse reveals that courage is not defined or taught in nursing education. Courage is found to be a learned behavior that, according to psychologist and philosopher Milton Mayerhoff, involves the ability of one to trust and to enact patience. Courage is necessary to assure patient safety and to serve as an advocate in any situation. Dr. Barta also spoke of another hallmark of Sigma Theta Tau, which is leadership, as stated in the organization’s mission. In view of the values and mission of Sigma Theta Tau, Dr. Barta suggested and encouraged the concept of courageous leadership that can be defined as the process of inspiring others, through trust, patience and advocacy, to function at their highest level in order to achieve an outcome.

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