The Student Ambassadors at Mount Carmel College of Nursing are a specially selected group of students who represent the College at various events and activities associated with the institution.

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The 2020-21 Mount Carmel College of Nursing student ambassadors are:

  • Rayanne Conner
  • Inna Grigoryans
  • Bailey Santo
  • Aimee Williams
  • Jessalyn Hoyt
  • Marie Faye
  • Lydia Hornyak
  • Kharmaine Jamar
  • Chloe Troyer

Student Ambassadors at the Lancaster Campus:

  • Abigail Shirkey

Click here for the Student Ambassador Application. For more information about the College Ambassadors program, contact the director of Admissions and Recruitment, at 614.234.5144 or

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