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Now is the time to stand apart as an expert in clinical practice and leadership.

Mount Carmel College of Nursing’s Online Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program will set you apart as a transformational driver of creative, innovative and effective solutions in nursing practice, education, and healthcare. Graduates of the program are positioned to meet the current and future challenges of the dynamic healthcare environment as experts in leadership and practice.

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Online DNP Track Options

The online Doctor of Nursing Practice programs offers three track options:

  • Clinical Practice Leadership
  • Executive Healthcare Leadership
  • Executive Academic Leadership

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Program Outcomes

Possessing evidence-based practice, systems thinking, leadership and change management competencies, graduates are equipped to influence policy formulation, utilize technology and information systems and lead interdisciplinary strategic initiatives that drive quality patient outcomes and exceptional patient experiences. Mount Carmel’s unique, faith-based, innovative approach to DNP education engages learners in a supported and personalized learning experience as they tackle the challenges of assuring the quality, safety, equity, and efficiency of care while shaping and inspiring care delivery as it is seen through the eyes of the patient, family, and care provider.

  1. Apply the broad range of integrative and nursing sciences and principles of healthcare economics to improve the nation’s health through ethical, evidence-based advanced nursing practice, leadership and policy development (DNP I, V, VII).
  2. Demonstrate leadership attributes that can be used to shape health policy and organizational policy in support of the ethical and equitable provision of health care (DNP V).
  3. Generate innovative models of care and advanced nursing and academic practices to improve the quality, safety and outcomes of care delivery through the synthesis, translation application and evaluation of evidence and the generation of evidence through practice (DNP I, III).
  4. Employ advanced nursing, leadership and or academic practice and care delivery models that represent evidence-based political, ethical, professional, economic, socially just and culturally appropriate services for diverse patient populations in a variety of health care settings (DNP VII, VIII).
  5. Demonstrate organizational and systems leadership that fosters innovation and the transformation of complex systems; driving patient-centered care dynamics steeped in evidence, safety, data driven decision making through the integration of healthcare technology and informatics, continuous quality improvement, patient safety, and quality outcomes through effective change management that transforms healthcare and academic nursing practices (DNP II, IV, VIII).
  6. Lead and participate as a competent member of interprofessional teams to facilitate optimal care, desired outcomes by identifying and addressing relevant health care challenges to advance the quality and safety of health care and to enhance the health of populations (DNP II, VI, VIII).
  7. Advance nursing practice through the effective translation and utilization of evidence to create innovative practices aimed at achieving targeted quality outcomes (DNP I, III).

* DNP = AACN DNP Essentials (2006)

Program Highlights

  • Online course delivery, designed to meet the needs of busy professionals
  • Unique immersion experience prepares the students for the national EBP certification
  • Students advance through the program as a cohort to help students share learning experiences that build collaboration and leadership skills.
  • The Faculty believe in YOU, and provide support and mentorship throughout the program
  • There are many options to guide you in achieving your goal, specialty electives allow you to enhance your expertise in your areas of interest
    • Leadership in clinical practice, healthcare or academic nursing
  • Program completion in 18 months (5 semesters)
  • View our Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Viewbook for more information.

Serve in clinical or academic settings at the highest level.

Become leader and expert in nursing practice and impact the future of health care delivery by driving evidence-based practice, policy formation, and models of care delivery. The Doctor of Nursing Practice in Clinical or Executive Leadership empowers graduates to be transformative leaders driving nursing practices in academic and clinical settings that enhance healthcare and improve patient outcomes.

DNP Overview

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Important Note for Prospective Students

Programs delivered through Mount Carmel College of Nursing (MCCN) that require practice experiences must also abide by state and board regulations in the state where the student resides. Students who wish to complete any experience in a state other than Ohio, may need to take additional steps to comply with the requirements of that state before starting a program through the MCCN. We strongly advise ALL current and prospective students to become familiar with their state’s regulations and professional licensing requirements by seeking information, and/or approval with their state boards where they reside or have plans to reside as a practitioner.

Students may be allowed to participate in practice experiences if their professional licensing boards (Nursing) do not regulate out-of-state programs. However, additional requirements may apply to students who will become practitioners in their state upon program completion. Links to state agencies and professional licensure boards can be found under State Authorization and Disclosures by State


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