1. What is the PM Nursing Leadership - Clinical Operations track?

The PM Nursing Leadership - Clinical Operations track is designed for career-minded, master-prepared nurses who are ready to assume even greater responsibility and reap the benefits of expanded career opportunities. Graduates typical take on managerial and administrative roles (i.e CNO, Director, Unit Manager)

2. When does the PM Nursing Leadership - Clinical Operations track start?

The track admits in the Fall (begins in August) and Spring (begins in January). The enrollment period for the Fall start is December 1 - June 30. The enrollment period for the Spring start is July 1 - November 30.

3. How long does it take to complete the track?

This is approximately a 12 month program (4 semesters). Total length of study depends on the student’s prior classes. Students take no more than 2 classes at one time to promote a healthy work, life, school balance.

4. How many credits to complete?

Track is approximately 21 credits (150 direct clinical hours). Credit hours are dependent on the student’s prior credits.

5. Is the track online?

The track is offered completely online.

6. When do clinicals start?

Students will begin their direct clinicals in the first semester of the program. Clinical sites must be set up by the start of the program.

7. Does MCCN help with clinical setup?

MCCN has a full-time Clinical Coordinator that will place students in an appropriate clinical setting that ensures they have a well-rounded experience. Students have the option of choosing their own preceptor if they desire.

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