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On Feb. 2, 2018, the ranks of our alumni – who work and live across the country – swelled by 70, as the 11th cohort of our Second Degree Accelerated Program (SDAP) graduated.

As part of the Homecoming event, the Mount Carmel Alumni Association Annual Meeting is held. This year, MCAA president Stephen Pearson (’15), BSN, RN, provided his report and introduced the new board members. They are: Jody Gill Rocha (’08), MS, RN (Jody also earned a Certificate of Nursing Education from MCCN in 2010); Matthew Edgington (’14), BSN, RN; and Phil Streza, BSN, RN, a member of the 2018 Second Degree Accelerated Program cohort.

A Board photo will appear in an upcoming issue of the Lamp.

MCCN students and Rho Omicron members joined our alumni at the Nov. 11 Tailgate for pre-game excitement, conversation and fun. In July we’ll announce the date for Tailgate 2018 – we are hoping for a September date that will likely be a bit warmer, but just as much fun!

Sandra Fryer Black

Year of graduation from Mount Carmel School of Nursing: 1972

Other degrees/certifications: I started to get my BSN from Ohio University, but we moved to Colorado instead. With three children, it would have been difficult to spend money on my own education, when we were getting ready to forward them into the world. I was certified OCN (oncology) for 16 years; the last five I gave chemo to the prisoners in Colorado's Department of Corrections.

Professional highlights: I was named the Cancer Nurse for Highland County, Ohio, in 1987. In Colorado, I was honored in my Home Care career to work with student nurses. I felt that as a Diploma nurse, they were telling me I was a "good" nurse, not having to have the BSN after my name. I worked many places including ER, OR, physicians’ offices, homecare, surgical units, medical units, and oncology.

Members of the 50-year Honor Class, the Class of 1967, raise their voices in song.

This year for the first time an Alumni Reception was held on Friday evening, Oct. 20, to kick off festivities for the 2017 Mount Carmel Alumni Association Annual Meeting and Homecoming. The event was attended by 70, including faculty and staff, and alumni with graduation years ranging from 1949 to 2017. Many alumni who were unable to attend on Saturday took advantage of this added event, while others were excited about starting the weekend early.

Matthew Edgington

Year of graduation from Mount Carmel College of Nursing: 2014

Other degrees/certifications: I hold three certifications: Basic Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support. Advanced Cardiac Life Support.

Professional Highlights: I’m currently a perioperative staff nurse at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. I’ve been at Children’s just over two years and serve as co-chair of Surgical Senate and co-chair of Surgery Unit Strategic Partnership Committee as well. I work closely with a team of nurse practitioners, anesthesia providers and surgeons to coordinate care for pediatric surgical patients. Since December 2017, I’ve been teaching at MCCN as an instructor for pre-clinical nursing courses.

As noted in our last issue of AlumNews, MCCN has been enhancing the security requirements for all Nightingmail (mccn.edu) accounts. If you did not enroll in the 2-Step Verification process in December 2016, your MCCN account was disabled. To regain access and enable 2-Step Verification, please contact MCCN IT at HelpLine@mccn.edu immediately. If you prefer to use a different email address instead of your MCCN email, please allow us to stay in touch by sending your email address to alumnioffice@mccn.edu.

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