The Mount Carmel College of Nursing (MCCN) faculty and staff are dedicated to facilitating student development of intellectual, moral, and professional standards. This development requires the student to become increasingly responsible for self-directed and engaged learning, thus practicing and achieving academic and professional standards in order to become a highly educated, skilled, and professional nurse. Please see Student Code of Conduct found in the Catalog-Handbook.

Report Student Misconduct Allegations

When academic or professional misconduct is alleged, the reporting student, faculty, or staff member should complete a conduct report online.

Any student that would like to report an issue regarding professional misconduct should contact the Director of Compliance and Safety.

Mitch Joseph-Kemplin
Director - Compliance & Safety

Resolving Allegations of Misconduct

Allegations of misconduct may be resolved informally between two parties or formally through the Office of Compliance and Safety. For the most up-to-date processes for conduct resolution, visit the Catalog-Handbook or contact the Office of Compliance and Safety.

In general, formal hearings come in two types – Administrative (one-on-one) and a Hearing Panel (a combination of three faculty, staff, or students). All hearing types utilize a “Preponderance of Evidence” (more likely than note) standard to determine responsibility.

Generally, hear is how a hearing works (for specific, detailed information visit the Catalog-Handbook):

  1. The student may meet with the Director of Compliance and Safety who provides access to hearing materials, including any supporting documentation.
  2. The student and decision maker(s) will discuss the incident, their perspective of the event, and any other information that the decision maker(s) should know or request.
  3. The decision maker(s) will discuss the College policy and how the policies were potentially violated.
  4. The decision maker(s) and student discuss any questions either may have.
  5. The decision maker(s) will notify the student on when they should receive the outcome of the meeting and the appeal process. Outcome letters are sent to the student’s MCCN e-mail account.
  6. Sanctions are not issued in the meeting, but are detailed in the outcome letter.

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