Admissions Criteria for entry with:

  • Leadership in Advanced Clinical Practice: At least a masters in nursing with an advanced practice certification
  • Students who have earned a Master’s in Nursing who are not eligible for national advanced specialty certification or who do not hold national advanced specialty certification may be required to complete additional hours throughout the DNP program plan of study to ensure that the post-baccalaureate hour requirement is met. Applicants may also have an ability to earn graduate-level academic credit (with associated practice experiences) through challenge processes - associated fees apply.

Admission Criteria

  1. Official Transcripts. Applicants must submit an official transcript from each post-secondary institution attended. Applicants must have completed a master’s degree in nursing from a nationally accredited institution. A minimum 3.25 cumulative GPA for graduate work is preferred.

    Mail transcripts to:

    Mount Carmel College of Nursing (MCCN)
    127 S. Davis Ave.
    Columbus, OH 43222

    Electronic and official paper transcripts must be sent directly from the institution to MCCN

    Transfer Credit

    Transfer credit is considered for courses taken elsewhere within five years of admission. Work presented for transfer credit must be from an accredited college and is subject to evaluation in light of the degree requirements of the university.

    To have a course considered for transfer credit, applicants must make the request at least six (6) weeks before the course begins and submit this petition to with the course syllabus enclosed. A maximum of six (6) credits can be considered for transferred. The program director approves transfer credit for all DNP courses. If transfer credit is approved, it will appear on the student's official transcript and the hours earned will count toward the DNP.

  2. Registered Nurse Licensure. An unencumbered Registered Nurse license must be presented.
  3. Résumé or curriculum vitae
  4. Letters of Recommendation. Strong professional references from two professionals prepared at the doctoral level who can speak to the applicant’s current abilities and potential for academic and clinical competence. One recommendation must be from a nurse who is prepared at the doctoral level. Download Form.
  5. Statement of Purpose. A comprehensive well-written goal statement is an essential component of a successful doctoral application. The goal statement essay is used as a source of information and as a sample of your writing ability. You should focus on your professional goals and how you envision these goals can be achieved through doctoral study. Your goal statement should be no more than four, double-spaced pages (approximately 800 words).

    The goal statement should include:

    • Professional and academic background, skills, and accomplishments
    • Your rationale for applying to the DNP program
    • Your DNP project target audience or your particular area of scholarly interest. Include clinical, teaching, or research experience related to this area of interest.
    • Address future career goals and contributions you expect to make to nursing after completing the DNP degree program
  6. Technical Requirements. Mount Carmel College of Nursing considers the Internet communication interface an essential learning resource for doctoral students. DNP students will be required to have a home computer, printer and reliable Internet service provider that has high-speed broadband Internet access. Technical requirements can be found here.
  7. Candidate Video Interview (Please see application for further instructions)
  8. A minimum score of 79 for internet-based, 213 on computer-based and 550 on paper-based TOEFL for International students
    • Official TOEFL scores: applies to students for whom English is not the native language; minimum required TOEFL score of 550 (paper based), 213 (computer based) or 79—80 (Internet based); TOEFL scores are valid two years from the test date. To learn more about the TOEFL, visit scores should be mailed directly from TOEFL to Mount Carmel College of Nursing, Office of Admissions, 127 South Davis Ave, Columbus, Ohio 43222

Admission Criteria for DNP, Leadership in Advanced Clinical Practice

  1. Advanced Practice Certification. Applicants must have Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) national certification as a CNS, NP, CNM or CRNA in their areas of specialty as appropriate.
  2. Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Licensure. Applicants must have APRN licensure in their home state, if required.

Admission Criteria for DNP, Executive Leadership in Healthcare or Academic Nursing

  1. Advanced Practice Certification. Advanced specialty certification in nursing through a nationally recognized organization is preferred but not required.
  2. Non-nursing Master’s or non-advanced practice Master’s Degree Candidates. For individuals holding a non-nursing master’s degree or those who have an earned master’s degree in nursing in non-advanced practice specialty, an individualized plan of study will be developed as indicated.
  3. Candidates applying for the indirect DNP program track must submit the Hour Verification Form to the academic institution from which they obtained their graduate degree to verify the number of supervised hours (clinical and project completion) associated with degree completion.

Application Deadline

  • November 30 (Spring Start)
  • April 15 (Summer Start)
  • August 1 (Fall start)

Application Process

  • Questions regarding the application process or admission status should be directed to: DNP Admissions via email:
  • Admitted DNP candidates who accept admittance must provide a non-refundable Confirmation Fee of $300 will be applied to spring semester tuition

Post-Baccalaureate Practice Hours

  • A maximum of 500 post-baccalaureate practice hours are granted by holding advanced nursing practice national certification
  • Students who have earned a Master’s in Nursing who are not eligible for national advanced specialty certification or who do not hold national advanced specialty certification complete the required post-baccalaureate practice hours throughout the DNP program.

Online Program Eligibility

  • Mount Carmel College of Nursing is committed to complying with all states’ regulations for its distance learning programs. Each Distance Learning program has varying eligibility regulations. To see if this program is offered in your state, please check your eligibility or contact your local Board of Nursing before applying.

Necessary Technical and Digital Literacy Skills

The types of computer and digital literacy skills that learners will be expected to utilize throughout the program of study include:

  • Using the learning management system
  • Using email with attachments
  • Creating and submitting files in commonly used word processing program formats
  • Downloading and installing software
  • Using spreadsheet programs
  • Using presentation and graphics programs
  • Using apps in digital devices
  • Using web conferencing tools and software
  • Using online libraries and databases to locate and gather appropriate information
  • Using computer networks to locate and store files or data
  • Using online search tools for specific academic purposes, including the ability to use search criteria, keywords, and filters
  • Properly citing information sources
  • Preparing a presentation of research findings

Technology Requirements

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