Admissions Requirements : Traditional Four Year Program

Mount Carmel College of Nursing welcomes transfer students to our Traditional Four Year Program at all grade levels. Space is available based on attrition experienced by the College.

Admission to the College is based upon the following:

  • Successful completion of the following college-preparatory course work while in high school or the college equivalent with a grade of "C" or better
    • 4 Units English
    • 3 Units Mathematics (including Algebra II)
    • 3 Units Laboratory Science (including Biology & Chemistry)
    • 3 Units Social Science
    • 2 Units Foreign Language (sign language accepted)
    • 1 Unit Visual or Performing Art
  • Minimum cumulative college transfer GPA: 2.8 on a 4.0 scale
  • Minimum cumulative high school GPA is 3.0. on a 4.0 scale
  • High school students ACT composite of 20, or SAT composite of 950 recommended.
88%: freshmen retention rate