September 15 is Founder’s Day at Mount Carmel College of Nursing – commemorating our founding by the Sisters of the Holy Cross in 1903. In celebration, MCCN President and Dean Emeritus, Dr. Ann E. Schiele, has a special three-minute message about strengthening, supporting and sustaining Our Legacy of Learning. Please enjoy Ann’s heartfelt words:

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National Nurses Week has never meant more than it does this year.

Our amazing MCCN nurses have led the way through one of the most difficult public health challenges we’ve ever faced. Our students stepped up, our practicing nurses persevered and retired nurses returned to volunteer. They’ve held the health system on their capable shoulders and used their education, training and compassion to heal our community.

Their nursing education is what allowed them to be those essential frontline workers that we’ve marveled at during the pandemic. And we’ve never needed them more.

Please take a few minutes to hear their stories and help us celebrate, acknowledge and support MCCN through Our Legacy of Learning Campaign during National Nurses Week. By making a gift, you are allowing us to continue providing the excellent nursing education that supported us all over the past year and will do so well into the future. You are essential to those efforts.

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