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1. What is the FNP?

The FNP or Family Nurse Practitioner track is designed for registered nurses who are ready to pursue graduate education that will lead to a primary care focused, advanced practice nursing role.

2. When does the FNP track start?

The track admits in the Fall (begins in August) and Spring (begins in January). The enrollment period for the Fall start is December 1 - June 30. The enrollment period for the Spring start is July 1 - November 30.

3. How long does it take to complete the track?

This is an 18 month program, over a total of five semesters. Students take no more than 2 classes at one time to promote a healthy work, life, school balance.

4. How many practice experience hours expected?

Track is 48 credit hours / 500 clinical hours

5. Is the track online?

The track is offered in an online format with 1-2 day Immersions starting in the third semester of the program.

6. What specialty coursework is required?

  • NURS 573: Procedures & Diagnostics for the FNP (1 credit hour)
  • NURS 580: Practice Experience I (2 credit hours = 100 hours clinical)
  • NURS 581: Practice Experience II (4 credit hours = 200 hours clinical)
  • NURS 582: Practice Experience III (4 credit hours = 200 hours clinical)

7. What is the cost of the program?

The total program cost is approximately $28,000. Financial aid is available.

8. When do clinicals start?

Direct clinicals will start the third semester of the program. Students will need to have a site secured by the end of the second semester of the program.

9. Is there assistance with clinical site setup?

MCCN has a full-time Clinical Coordinator that places students with appropriate preceptors to ensure they are able to complete their hours and have a well rounded clinical experience. Students still have the option of choosing their preceptor if they have a provider in mind.

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