Recent changes to Title X of the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) require that a series of three loan disclosures be provided to the borrower throughout the private loan application process and that the borrower also complete a Private Loan Self-Certification form prior to the loan being disbursed. The purpose of these disclosures is to:

  • Present the terms/cost of the loan in a clear and consistent manner
  • Allow for comparison shopping and re-evaluation of borrowing a private loan during the application process
  • Present lower cost federal options that should be exhausted prior to considering a private loan
  • Reduce overall borrower indebtedness

The borrower of the loan is required to complete the Private Loan Self-Certification form and return it to the Private Loan Lender. Your private loan lender will not disburse your loan funds until they have received your completed form. Below are the instructions on how to obtain the necessary information needed for you to complete the form.

Some lenders might have you complete a private loan self-certification form during the online application process. For your convenience, you may download and complete the form from the provided link.

Carefully Read Each Section of the Form

Section 2: Cost of Attendance and Estimated Financial Assistance

Part A - Student's Cost of Attendance (tuition, room/board, books, and other miscellaneous charges)

  • Available on the or log into CARMELink; see Cost of Attendance

Part B - Estimated Financial Assistance (the estimated amount of financial aid you will receive)

  • Available by logging into CarmeLINK; see Financial Aid Awards

Part C - Difference between Cost of Attendance and Estimated Financial Assistance

  • The difference between your Cost of Attendance and your Estimated Financial Assistance is the maximum amount that you are eligible to apply for in a private loan. If you apply for an amount that is greater you will first need to cancel or reduce an award amount already listed on your award.

Section 3: Applicant Information

  • Complete each part of section 3. Do not leave any section blank.

Section 4: Applicant Signature

  • Sign and Date the Form
  • Contact your private loan lender to see how they prefer you submit this form to them.


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