The most important thing to remember about the cost of attendance is that it is not the same as your bill. The cost of attendance is an estimate of all the possible costs a student may incur as related to your attendance at Mount Carmel College of Nursing. MCCN creates this estimate each year based upon your program and your status (full-time or part-time). The cost of attendance is used to determine your financial need and the maximum amount of financial aid you may receive. Additionally, it is meant to help you budget appropriately for your enrollment at MCCN.

The cost of attendance is made up of both direct and in-direct costs. Direct costs are those that will appear on your bill and are required to be paid by you to the college. These costs include tuition, fees and housing (if living on-campus).

The in-direct costs are made up of expenses that the college does not bill you for, but that you may incur as the result of being a student. These indirect costs include off-campus room and board, books and supplies, transportation and miscellaneous and personal costs.

Sample Cost of Attendance for a Full-time Undergraduate Student
Cost Amount Type of Cost
Estimated Tuition / Fees Undergraduate / Graduate $15,000.00 / $9,280 Direct*
Housing $4,780.00 Direct* / In-direct
Meals $1,600.00 In-direct
Books & Supplies $1,500.00 In-direct
Transportation $1,980.00 In-direct
Misc. & Personal $3,240.00 In-direct
Total Estimated COA Undergraduate/Graduate $28,100.00 / $22,380.00

* For actual direct, billable costs see Tuition and Fees.

* Billed by MCCN if utilizing MCCN approved apartments

MCCN estimates all costs based upon averages for your program and enrollment. It is important to remember that the cost of attendance only includes expenses related to your attendance at Mount Carmel. The Department of Education and Mount Carmel College of Nursing expect all students to be responsible with their financial choices and recognize that not all personal costs can be included as part of the cost of attendance. Additionally, it is understood that all funds will be used only for costs associated with attendance.

If you are a new student, your Cost of Attendance will be included on your financial aid award letter. If you are a continuing student, cost of attendance for all programs may also be viewed on CARMELink under the Financial Aid tab.

Determining Financial Need

Financial Need varies from institution to institution. It is determined using the EFC (Expected Family Contribution) as determined by the FAFSA and the estimated COA (Cost of Attendance). As illustrated below, the difference between these two amounts is your financial need.

EFC – COA = Financial Need

MCCN uses your calculated financial need to determine how much need-based financial aid you may be eligible to receive.

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