Sincerity and depth are not the kinds of words often associated with advertising campaigns.

Yet those two descriptions are exactly why the Mount Carmel Health System's current marketing effort "Because of You" has been so memorable and so successful.

The campaign has impressed television viewers and radio listeners since it was rolled out in the Central Ohio market during the national football championship game between Alabama and Notre Dame. In fact, calls even have been coming in from people moved by the message - a rare step for anyone inspired by a commercial.

“It has really resonated” with people, said Robyn Morton, director of marketing for Mount Carmel Health System.

“‘Because of You’ is such a powerful phrase.”

The campaign was years in the making, she said, and not something that was developed overnight. The aim, according to Morton, was to come up with a message that "was meaningful and true," and one that got to the heart of what takes places in a Mount Carmel facility: "patient-centered care" and "service excellence."

The delivery of that message is made even more powerful because Milwaukee-based BVK used Mount Carmel doctors and nurses to film the spots. The commitment to do so, which has been in place for all of Morton's 13 years in her position, makes the campaign even more authentic for consumers as well as anyone connected to Mount Carmel.

“Our physicians and nurses seem to love it,” she said. "It hits the right note.

“We had one former associate call in to say ‘This is exactly right on, to what patient-centered care is all about.’”

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