If you have an mccn.edu email, you’ve received information on the new 2-step Verification process. If you wish to continue using this email – which we hope you will – you will need to complete the required 2-step Verification process before December 1 (see instructions below). If you choose to use a different email address instead – please send it to alumnioffice@mccn.edu so you won’t miss out on upcoming news!

Why do you need to take action now? MCCN is enhancing the security requirements for all Nightingmail (mccn.edu) accounts. This enhancement will require all alumni to enable a 2-Step Verification on their Nightingmail accounts. The 2-Step Verification requires you to link your Nightingmail account to a mobile device. When you login at a new location, device, or browser with your Nightingmail account, you will be required to enter a code from your mobile phone to allow access. (Note: your mobile phone does not need to be an iPhone or a smart phone.)

Before December 1, please see the following links from Google about how to turn on this feature:

All accounts that have not enrolled in 2-Step Verification by December 1 will be disabled. You will be required to contact HelpLine@mccn.edu in order to regain access and enable 2-Step Verification.

Please email HelpLine@mccn.edu with any/all questions regarding this change. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this security enhancement.

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