Mount Carmel College of Nursing at Fairfield Medical Center Welcomes New Program Coordinator

Mount Carmel College of Nursing at Fairfield Medical Center
Welcomes New Program Coordinator

Lancaster, Ohio (August 18, 2010) Mount Carmel College of Nursing (MCCN) is pleased to announce the appointment of Cheryl Mace, MSN, MALM, RN, as Coordinator of the College’s satellite nursing education program at Fairfield Medical Center in Lancaster, Ohio.

A collaboration among MCCN, Fairfield Medical Center (FMC), and Ohio University-Lancaster, MCCN’s new satellite site at Fairfield Medical Center (MCCN-FMC) delivers nursing education in the Mount Carmel tradition of excellence, at a location convenient to the Lancaster service area.

“The area is well-served by the MCCN-FMC program. Many of our students plan to stay and practice nursing in the area,” says Mace. “I have high hopes for the program, planning to add a maximum of 24 new students per year.” The MCCN-FMC program enrollment of freshmen, sophomores, and juniors currently stands at 62.

“Cheryl brings a wealth of nursing education experience and knowledge to our program,” says Cynthia Pearsall MSN, RN, Fairfield Medical Center Chief Nursing Officer. “She has taught and counseled students here since the program’s inception, plus developed and implemented the college’s academic success program. Her energy and dynamic spirit will be a remarkable asset to the MCCN-FMC program.”

Mount Carmel College of Nursing at Fairfield Medical (MCCN-FMC) was established in fall 2008 and is a four-year baccalaureate program designed to prepare students for exciting careers in nursing. Based on the campus of Fairfield Medical Center, the program affords students in Lancaster and surrounding areas the opportunity to obtain a Mount Carmel nursing education close to home.

“The MCCN-FMC program is our opportunity to bring the same Mount Carmel nursing education as offered in our Columbus location to the Lancaster, Ohio, area. The program is in good hands under the leadership of Cheryl Mace, who has served Mount Carmel College of Nursing and our students for many years,” says Ann Schiele, PhD, RN, President/Dean.

A Mount Carmel graduate and resident of Pickerington, Ohio, Mace previously held the position of Coordinator Academic Success Services/Student Development Specialist at MCCN. In addition to her duties as Program Coordinator, Mace will continue to teach.

For more information about MCCN-FMC call 1-800-225-0581 or 614-234-LIFE.

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