The 2010 Mount Carmel Excellence In Nursing Awards June 25, 2010

June 25, 2010

The 2010 Mount Carmel Excellence In Nursing Awards


Awardees exceed expectations, exemplify excellence

Congratulations to these 90 Mount Carmel nurses and five physicians. Their collaboration and commitment to nursing has earned them the respect and recognition of their peers and the distinction of being selected for the sixth annual Excellence in Nursing Awards, sponsored by Mount Carmel Patient Care Services and Mount Carmel College of Nursing.

Honorees were chosen from Mount Carmel hospitals, services and the College — all excelling in the spirit of care, compassion, leadership and teamwork. These individuals will be honored a special awards dinner on Wednesday, September 15, at Villa Milano.

2010 Excellence in Nursing Honorees

Mount Carmel College of Nursing

Brenda Beyer Bev Gish Kathleen Lennon
Ann Waterman Tricia Whitney

Physician of the Year Honorees

  • Corporate: Martha Riegel, M.D.
  • MCE: James Soldano, M.D.
  • MCNA: Carl Berasi, D.O.
  • MCSA: Abdul Payind, M.D.
  • MCW: Diane Zitter, M.D.

Mount Carmel Ambulatory Services: Hospice and Home Care

  • Sharol Herr (Palliative Care/Hospice)
  • Betanga Nzengung (Home Care)

Mount Carmel East

Janet Adams Cassandra Henderson Cheryl Stilwell
Dianna Chaney Jacquie Kaloz Jill Storer
Susan Chapman Emily McCune Stephanie Taylor
John Crayton Brooke McKenna Megan Thompson
Mary Jo Danver Laney McLaughlin Merlyn Vail
Kara DeHoff Scott Meredith Crystal Williams
Ashley Doss J. Newman Cathy Withrow
Mary Duffy Jennifer Powell Jenny Zaayer
Tom Ferroni Tisha Roberts
Kelly Fields Pamela Spence

Mount Carmel St. Ann's

Sue Byrne Chele Evans Susan Schaefer
Brenda Manely Brittany Fischer Angela Tripoli
Lora Sorth Amanda Hubbard Natalia Watts
Kristi Williams Christy Illar Rhonda Wright
Jamie Wood Becky Kearney
Jessica Batchelder Joan Longshore
Linda Cotton Pam Sanders

Mount Carmel New Albany Surgical Hospital

Rose Kurtz Laura Mooney Jamie Polen

Mount Carmel West

Allison Ardis Penny Gierling Erin Pompey
Erin Bender Misti Gleich Michele Renee
Donna Bosworth Jennifer Goode Katherine Savage-Ralph
Lee Ann Bowers Winifred Marie Guthikonda Pamela Skinner
Janice Bricker Sarah Hartfield Dail Sorsby
Roseanne Cleary Angela Jacobson Cassandra Southworth
Sharon Crabtree Marlene Jerome Kristin Svetek
Marilyn Cross Kirsten Lovell Bethany Taylor
Brittany Davies Carol Methe Natalie Warner
Jane Enneking Luann Murray Lynn Withrow
Carol Garwood Rachael Nguyen Joanne Young

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