Roxanne Oliver, photo

Director, Graduate & DNP Programs

What inspired you to become a nurse?

When I was in middle school, I lost my grandpa. Prior to him passing he was hospitalized at Riverside Methodist Hospital and underwent open heart surgery. I remember being in awe of the nurses that cared, not just for him, but for my family during that stressful time. I could tell they were busy taking care of my grandpa and their patients; however, they always took time to make sure he was positioned correctly, his pain was managed, and that my family had their questions answered. They were selfless heroes in my mind, and I knew that one day I wanted to be one of them. As I entered high school, I had the opportunity to meet a nurse practitioner that worked alongside my dad, and I was able to see what additional impact nurses can have on their patients. It solidified, again, that I wanted to be one of them. In my senior year of nursing school, I developed thyroid cancer and had to have urgent surgery to have it removed and start treatment. I remember being taken back to Pre-Op and looking in the waiting room seeing not just my family, but also two of my nursing instructors. They prayed with me and sat with my family for two hours while they waited for me to emerge from surgery. Again, this solidified that I made the right choice in entering the nursing field. I have held patients' hands and sang to them as they died, held family members up when they saw their loved one for the first time after an accident, I have sat and answered question after question after someone is diagnosed with diabetes for the first time. I have learned so much in the 13 years as a nurse and 10 years as a nurse practitioner. As each year goes by, I remain thankful for the field I have entered and the person it has shaped me into today. It is truly a blessing to be a nurse and to be a part of such a wonderful profession.

What do you love about teaching?

The students! Students are why I do what I do. Watching a student grow as they learn and being a part of that journey with them is one of the most rewarding things I have been a part of.

What is the best thing about Mount Carmel College of Nursing?

The culture. Our passion for student success and promotion of faculty success truly shines through. Everyone here at MCCN truly enjoys what they do and wants to give back to the next generation of nurses.

What is the best advice you have ever received?

"Remember your why." The nursing profession is hard sometimes; especially post-COVID. On those hard days when you feel like giving up or leaving, it’s important to remember why we do what we do.

What advice would you give to someone considering a career in nursing?

Immerse yourself in the field. Volunteer at your local hospice or shadow a nurse in an area that interests you. Ask questions of veteran nurses and don't set your mind on an area of nursing until you experience your clinicals. Sometimes you end up in an area that you didn't expect.

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