Kadra Abdulahi photo

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program Student

What inspired you to become a nurse?

My desire to help others led me to pursue a career as a nurse. I have always enjoyed assisting and caring for those in need, and nursing is a profession where you can have a direct impact. During my clinical rotation, I was exposed to a variety of clinical settings, which allowed me to choose where I want to work after graduation.

What is the best thing about Mount Carmel College of Nursing?

The outstanding faculty, instructors, and clinical instructors at Mount Carmel College of Nursing are its most remarkable feature. They support you and are there for you whenever you need them. Our clinical instructor was there for us, guiding us through everything unfamiliar, educating us, and answering our questions.

What are your goals for your nursing career?

My nursing goal is to graduate and get a job. I'm hoping to gain as much experience as possible before returning to school to pursue a midwifery degree.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

The advice I would give to my younger self is to keep dreaming and never give up because nothing comes without hard work and dedication.

What advice would you give to someone considering a career in nursing?

Nursing is a rewarding profession. To become a nurse and to be nurse requires working hard, trusting yourself and being patient. If you are not passionate about helping others, it will be difficult. It gets hard, and you will always need to remember the reason you are in this profession. My advice to anyone considering a career in nursing is to be open-minded because it is a rewarding career.

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