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Bachelor of Science in Nursing Student

What inspired you to become a nurse?

My initial reason for pursuing a career in nursing was because I was in a life-threatening accident that left over 30% of my body covered in third-degree burns. I eventually realized the wounds this caused are much deeper than the eye can see. Now, I hope to provide competent care and to serve as a sign of hope to kids who have endured similar tragedies.

What is the best thing about Mount Carmel College of Nursing?

When searching for a college, I was looking for a school with small class sizes, dedicated professors, and the ability to get experience early-on in the program. The best thing about MCCN is definitely the faculty. They embody the characteristics all great nurses have: competence, compassion, reverence, and integrity. I have formed strong connections and my individual learning needs have been met thus far thanks to the professors. I also enjoy the fact that all the students around me have similar goals and experiences.

What are your goals for your nursing career?

I currently work at Nationwide Children's Hospital in the Behavioral Health Pavilion (BHP), and I truly adore psych; however, I also love the hands-on medical side of nursing. My plan is to be a PRN nurse in the BHP while also working 24hrs a week in the PICU. Grad school is a part of my plan, but I am unsure if I want to go to Psych NP or CRNA school.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

The biggest advice I would give to my younger self is to slow down and enjoy the ride. Nursing school is intense and a lot goes on in four years. I have found myself feeling like I am missing out on life because I am so focused on the bigger picture without realizing that it is all the small strokes combined that bring the vision to life.

What advice would you give to someone considering a career in nursing?

The opportunities in nursing are endless, but the money and flexibility will not be enough if you do not have a passion for caring for others. Being a nurse means you should be willing to set aside biases, advocate and ask questions when needed, provide competent care, be a lifelong learner, and so much more.

Please know that while nursing is a rewarding line of work, it can be very hard on mental wellness. Nurses see and deal with so many things; being able to take the bad with the good is essential. Also, remember that you have to take care of yourself too, not just your patients. To ensure that you show up in the best way for them requires you to also show up for yourself.

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