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As noted in last month’s Carmel Rapper, Convocation marked a lot of beginnings and not just to a new academic year. Not only was it the first time Convocation mirrored similar ceremonies for new students at other colleges and universities, it was the first Convocation for MCCN President and Dean Christine Wynd, PhD, RN. Dr. Wynd shared several pieces of wisdom in her speech; we share them here.

“Education is expensive, and in order for you and your parents to see a good return on the investment in your education, you, as students, must engage.”

“Education is a partnership and the student is the number one, extremely important and active player in this partnership – students, as well as the faculty and administrators of colleges, — have important responsibilities and play a significant role in becoming successful graduates, future employees and contributing citizens of our country.”

“Colleges today are increasingly held to demands for successful outcomes. Continuous quality improvement is more than a buzzword in the business – it also drives our evaluation efforts, and my experience has demonstrated the need for data in order to assess outcomes, evaluate programs and take action to correct efforts that are less than successful. At Mount Carmel we are certainly giving serious attention to these responsibilities and demands because we always have – we are now just stepping up the pace.”

“The roles and responsibilities for students are great and demanding, but also clear and simple – work hard, study hard and engage in as many activities as possible, both academic and social. Have fun and achieve excellence for future success. That is what is it means to be a college student.”

“Because you are being educated as professionals, we will expect you to become increasingly professional in your attitudes, speech and behaviors …in order to put your tuition monies to absolute excellent use and to demonstrate your engagement in your learning and your success.”

“Faculty and students are partners in learning. At Mount Carmel College of Nursing, we embrace student-centered education as a major driver toward our mission of ‘providing a collaborative learning community, serving in the spirit of the Catholic tradition and offering excellent science-based education in nursing in a caring, respectful and socially responsible environment.’”

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