Mount Carmel College of Nursing (MCCN) formally launched the presidency of new President and Dean Christine Wynd, PhD, RN, with an inauguration and induction ceremony on Friday, October 24. A ceremony traditionally conducted by colleges and universities to mark the beginning of a college president’s administration, MCCN’s inauguration incorporated a day’s worth of activities with local leaders to mark the occasion.

In keeping with Mount Carmel’s Catholic heritage, the day began with an inauguration mass officiated by the Most Reverend Frederick F. Campbell, DD, PhD, Bishop of the Diocese of Columbus, at St. Joseph Cathedral, 212 E. Broad St. The service began with a procession of faculty and staff in full regalia. Among the participants were Rachel Santose, daughter of Dr. Wynd, who provided a scripture reading, and Dr. Wynd’s husband, Charles Santose, Christena Doman and Katy Doman, who were gift bearers.

The inauguration and installation ceremony took place in historic Franklinton at COSI. Participants included Bishop Campbell, Columbus Mayor Michael B. Coleman, MCCN Board Chair Matt Mazza, Mount Carmel Senior Vice President of System Mission Sister Barbara Hahl, CSC, Mount Carmel West Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Sean McKibben, Dr. Wynd’s family and representatives of MCCN faculty, staff, students and alumni. The ceremony also included delegates representing other colleges and universities, among those, Ohio Dominican University and the University of Notre Dame. Attendees enjoyed a dessert reception immediately following the ceremony.

In her remarks centered around the event theme of “Engage, Excel, Exceed” at the inauguration, Dr. Wynd said, “To engage is to commit, to be involved, to be dedicated, to be invested. I believe this is what makes a Mount Carmel graduate nurse a cut above the rest: engagement in a career, a profession, a mission, a calling … nurses with both the courage and the soul to change lives. Although a ‘calling’ has a traditionally spiritual connotation, as in being ‘called’ by God to do significant work, today, a calling represents work that contributes in some way, shape or form toward making the world a better place, enhancing the quality of an individual’s life, work that has meaning and soul. Nursing, simply viewed as a lucrative job with a good, solid income, may be sufficient but certainly not enough to provide the meaning and soul needed to stay with a very demanding career. Those who are retained in nursing are dynamically engaged in, committed to and passionate about their work,” Dr. Wynd said.

“To exceed…to surpass, overtake, and go beyond…this is the future of the Mount Carmel College of Nursing. To exceed in higher education, our vision for the future requires ongoing commitment to the community of Franklinton and a dedication to preparing nurses for the health of its citizens. We also go beyond to focus on building a serious research reputation with increased visibility as scholars nationally and internationally -- with an emphasis on scholarship that will enhance the education and practice of nursing toward high quality, safe and cost-effective patient care. To be a great nurse takes courage and strength, both emotionally and physically, and that is why one must have soul and a very deep sense of mission in order to engage, excel and exceed,” she said.

In summary of the day, MCCN Board Chair Matt Mazza said, “We are pleased to officially install and launch Dr. Wynd’s presidency, heralding a new beginning while continuing the College’s reputation for excellence in nursing education and advancing growth and transformation to meet the future needs of health care.”

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