Get more out of your college experience by joining the Student Ambassador program.

Ambassadors lead by example, setting a high standard of excellence, and personally developing their leadership skills.

Ambassadors serve by giving back to the College of Nursing through representation at various college functions including Open House Sessions, Excellence in Nursing Awards, Alumni Weekend and college ceremonies.

Ambassadors inspire others to be involved, give back and be the best student, nurse, leader and friend they can be.

For a chance to lead, serve and inspire, your GPA must be above a 2.5 and you should have excellent communication skills and be outgoing, responsible and enthusiastic. You can read more about the Student Ambassador Program by reading this feature that appeared in the August edition of the Carmel Rapper. If this describes you, being a Student Ambassador is for you!

The Admissions Office is now accepting applications for the paid Student Ambassador positions. Applications are available in the Main Lobby in Marian Hall and the Admissions Office. They are due on Monday, November 17. Please feel free to contact Paige Kiley at 614-234-5419 or Kim Campbell at 614-234-5144 with any questions!

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