Here’s a quick round-up of what’s happening at MCCN-FMC.

Feature Student Spotlight: Rebakah Young, President, SNAM-FMC

Given that she serves as SNAM-FMC president, as a student ambassador and as an active member of Student Advisory Council, it probably doesn’t surprise anyone to know that Rebekah Young is a highly engaged student at MCCN-FMC.

Rebekah presents herself in a positive, mature manner. She is organized, cheerful and committed to doing her best in all that she does. When caring for her patients, her clinical instructor says that she is supportive and communicates clearly. Importantly, she’s observant on the job -- she is able to recognize patient situations that would warrant action and is quick to report her findings to the nurse and or instructor. In regular interactions with patients, she is proactive with health promotion and patient teaching. She is a team player and is supportive of her peers, staff and faculty.

Thanks, Rebekah, for your outstanding performance!

MCCN-FMC Student Advisory Council Update

  • The last Student Advisory Council (SAC) meeting before winter break was held November 25.
  • SAC, with the help of advisor Deidre Smith and Mount Carmel, were able to obtain a printer for nursing student use only. It is has been installed in the student lounge.
  • Although SAC was unable to be represented at the board meeting on November 13 at the Columbus campus, interest in attending was high and SAC looks forward to having several attendees at the next quarterly meeting.
  • There is a continued effort to make the shuttle service run smoothly and efficiently as we move into the colder weather months. Steps have been taken to make the shuttle drivers aware of the student schedules in hopes that this will prepare them for the change of semester schedules for sophomores-seniors.
  • Things continue to operate smoothly for the freshmen at OU-L campus.

SNAM-FMC Elects 2014-2015 Officers

SNAM-FMC is pleased to introduce their officers for the 2014-2015 academic year. Serving this year are: Rebekah Young, President; A.J. Yost, Vice President; Carlie Young, Breakthrough-to –Nursing; Samantha Tharp, Treasurer and Kayleigh Tharp, Secretary.

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