MCCN and Mount Carmel West honored those who are veterans in the Mount Carmel family by hosting them for lunch and a program. In addition to honoring veterans who work and study among us, the program featured a display with many items used and brought home from the battlefield by those who defended our nation. The event also featured an empty round table with a complete table setting, which represented those men and women who are prisoners of war or missing in action.

To illustrate the meaning of the table, Melissa Stacy-Cull, Director of Patient Care Services at Mount Carmel West, recited the following:

“The table is round to show that our concern and love for them is never ending.

The table cloth is white symbolizing purity of intention and the response to a call to arms.

The one candle standing separate symbolizes the frailty of a prisoner alone, standing up against oppressors.

The yellow candle and the yellow ribbon on it reminds us of those men and women who will not be coming home.

The single red rose reminds us of the loved ones and families in our midst who keep the faith and await their return.

The dark napkin stands for the emptiness that is felt in the hearts of family and friends.

The slice of lemon on the plate reminds us of their bitter fate if we do not bring them home.

There is salt on the plate to symbolic the families’ tears as they wait and remember.

The glass on the table is upside down, reminding us that these, our countrymen, cannot be with us to drink a toast or join in happy times and celebrations.

The faded picture on the table forever reminds us that they are always missed and always remembered.”

Plaques of appreciation in honor of their service were presented to instructor Quinn Davis-Vogel, MS, RN, and President and Dean Christine Wynd, PhD, RN. Thanks to Kelli Scott, Melissa Stacy-Cull and Steve Teaford for all of their work to make this program possible.

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