Just in time for holiday shopping! Alumni Relations will be hosting a Peace Love Bling event Monday, December 8 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Wilson Room. Peace Love Bling designs and sells genuine jewelry through the Ethical Arts Collective at 566 Rich St. that is fabulous, ethically handcrafted and costs less than the "fake stuff.”.

The Ethical Arts Collective and its Founder and Creative Director, LeAnne Johnson Absalom, work closely with Amethyst, Inc., employing women from this program to work in her shop and make some of the jewelry pieces. Women from Amythest also assist in working at events.

As a special for MCCN, items will be discounted 15% for this event. Cash, checks and credit cards accepted. Unable to attend? Many items also are featured online at www.peace-love-bling.com. If you enter the promotional code of mcalum you will receive the discount for this event as well! Proceeds will be used for future alumni/student projects.

Since 1984 Amethyst has helped some of the most vulnerable women and children in the Columbus community. Homeless women and their families face many challenges. When the disease of addiction is coupled with homelessness, it is doubly difficult for a woman to locate treatment, family services and housing. Despite all of this, Amethyst sees hope and promise in each woman—regardless of her life circumstance. Amethyst’s goal is to help women, children and families achieve lifelong sobriety, healthy relationships, permanent housing and economic stability through gender-specific programs and services that combine alcohol and drug treatment with supportive housing for homeless women.

The Amethyst treatment model allows families to become part of a living, healing community. The average length of stay for Amethyst’s women and their families is 23 months, giving them the time it takes to heal from the disease of addiction.

For further information about Peace Love Bling, contact the Alumni Relations office at (614) 234-5681.

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