All courses in the MCCN curriculum are taught at MCCN. The only courses students are permitted to take elsewhere are options for humanities/social science electives. Please contact the Records and Registration office with questions.

Any student taking a Fall Semester humanities or social science elective at one of our affiliated institutions (Columbus State Community College or The Ohio State University) is required to submit a copy of his/her Fall Semester course schedule to the MCCN Records and Registration office (Marian Hall, Room 2C01). The deadline for submission is Friday, August 22.

This is a requirement every semester in which students take electives elsewhere Students who neglect to submit the required schedule by Friday of the first week of any MCCN semester risk not having credit hours at CSCC or OSU count toward calculation of their official total credit hour load. Delinquent students may find themselves at less than full-time hours for financial aid eligibility.

If you are taking an affiliated course, do not ignore this deadline.

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