On August 8, MCCN’s 22 student ambassadors attended a special one-day retreat to get them ready for the 2014-15 academic year. Activities centered around leadership, specifically broadening their idea of what a leader is and how they can make an impact in a leadership role. Held at Rising Park in Lancaster, programming included determining each ambassador’s leadership style, learning how to interact with those with different leadership styles, diversity and inclusion, leadership traits/characteristics and servant leadership.

Attendees included ambassadors from both the Columbus and Fairfield Medical Center campuses, and provided a unique opportunity for the group to mingle and work together.

“We really want ambassadors to look at their roles as more of a leadership and networking opportunity,” said Paige Kiley, admissions counselor who facilitates the student ambassador program.

Being a student ambassador is a paid position, but applicants need to view it as much more than a job, since they represent the College both on and off campus. Ambassadors are student leaders who work special events with groups ranging from prospective students at open house sessions, all the way up to working with MCCN alumni and Board members at such events as the Excellence in Nursing Awards, the annual golf outing and Commencement. They mingle with guests, welcome people and make them feel comfortable, but the key factor they bring to their roles is their experience as a student.

“Student ambassadors bring perspective. They know what it’s like to be a student nurse now; they’re living it. They’re the best advocates for the College to students, alumni and Board members, and they need to have a willingness to openly communicate that and not be intimidated,” said Kiley.

Applicants must have a GPA of 2.5 or higher, good communication skills and be organized, outgoing, dependable, enthusiastic, reliable and able to “put themselves out there” to various guests at events.

This year’s student ambassadors are:

Columbus Campus

  • Taylor Schmit, Lead Ambassador
  • Nicole West, Lead Ambassador
  • Cassidy Burton
  • Ebonee Caldwell
  • Katie Cline
  • Allison Craig
  • Britny Fox
  • Ashae Harris
  • Stacey Huber
  • Sarah Keller
  • Emily Kirkham
  • Jason Lewis
  • Allison Malkowski
  • Kaitlyn McClain
  • Ashley Parker
  • Morgan Shepherd
  • Katelyn Snider

FMC Campus

  • Natalie Coleman
  • Kayleigh Tharp
  • Samantha Tharp
  • Carlie Young
  • Rebekah Young

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