When a recent visitor became disoriented and ill, MCCN students and staff were right there to help her. The woman entered the College while trying to find her diabetes education class in the Community Resource Center. While in the College, it became apparent that the woman was not feeling well. A group of students and staff, including Student Health Nurse Kathy Walters, MS, RNC, NNP-BC, and student Kaitlyn Cross, determined the woman’s blood sugar was low. After retrieving a wheelchair and giving her a piece of candy and some water, Cross escorted the woman over to the Mount Carmel West Emergency Department.

“Kaitlyn was so respectful to the woman the whole time she was with her. I can tell that she is using the skills that we teach at MCCN and that she will be a great nurse one day. Also, Kathy Walters stopped what she was doing and helped the woman and was very kind. We have a great team here,” said staff member Julia Farkas.

“After class, Kaitlyn was planning on stopping by the Emergency Department to offer support to the woman. All of those involved did a fantastic job in managing the situation and showing outstanding caring behaviors,” said Toni Chops, MS, RN, CNE.

Great job to everyone involved!

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