As part of our ongoing series of profile faculty, staff and student representatives, this month we feature Assisant Professor Dale Hilty, PhD.

Name: Dale Hilty

Nickname: DMH

Hometown: Orrville, Ohio

I can’t live without… my imagination and dreams.

If I could spend the day with one person it would be… the individual described in the Bible as Job.

If I could travel anywhere, I would… travel in India for the purpose of researching the effectiveness of the Ayurveda medicine.

When I have down time, I… enjoy either exercising on an elliptical machine or reading. One of my favorite books was written by Frank Close titled Nothing: A Very Short Introduction.

My favorite movie is… based on the life of Ip Man: Grandmaster, Ip Man 1, Ip Man 2.

The quote I tend to live by is… “Be quick, but don’t hurry,” and “Invited or not invited, the Deity will be present.”

The coolest thing that has ever happened to me was… the realization that my dreams and dream interpretation had some practical application to life.

One thing you may not know about me is… my interest in studying the relationship among scientific psychology, Newtonian physics, quantum physics and Jung’s Analytical Psychology.

I wanted to work with future nurses because… of their enthusiasm and commitment to learning and their intention to apply/share their knowledge and insight with their patients.

I love Mount Carmel because… I appreciate the interdependent relationships a majority of students develop with one another as well as the interdependent relationships among members of the MCCN executive team, faculty, professional/support staff and library staff.

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