Looking back on their experience at MCCN, here’s what a few graduating students had to say about what they liked best about the College.

“Mount Carmel College of Nursing, I believe, is an exceptional nursing program and offers an accepting and welcoming environment. The school's campus is clean and appealing. The staff and faculty I have worked with are extremely personable and very excited and willing to teach students. I enjoyed the family environment and closeness of students and instructors in the program. Mount Carmel has a rigorous program that I enjoyed and I believe challenged me. I also feel confident about taking the NCLEX-RN exam and I feel adequately prepared for it. Lastly, I believe that the ATI books and exams interwoven throughout the program really helped to build a foundation as well as strong review of content and adequate practice for taking nursing-like tests.”

“As an Online RN-BSN student, I felt that the program exceeded my expectations regarding classroom participation, course content and the use of professional writing skills. I felt challenged in each class. Volunteering as well as attending observation experiences in my local community was appreciated learning tools.”

“Early clinical experiences with a small instructor-to-student ratio were exceptional activities. The instructors worked very, very hard to ensure we had every opportunity to learn while we were there. MCCN offers small classrooms with teachers who also worked very hard to ensure we had the information and resources we needed to succeed. Evidence-Based Practice was valued as well as professionalism and critical thinking. The faculty really exemplify what a true compassionate caring nurse is and teach us accordingly.”

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